aqillaAqilliz, a technology company that specializes in blockchain solutions for digital marketing entered into a strategic partnership with Concise Media, one of the UK’s leading media specialist consultancies. The partnership will see the introduction of Aqilliz’s blockchain-powered identity management solutions, raising the bar for assurance standards across the EMEA region. The partnership marks a crucial step in Aqilliz’s global expansion with support from Concise’s robust network across the local UK and European markets.


qlik vector logoQlik announced an expansion of its strategic partnership with Databricks through Qlik’s integration with the newly launched SQL Analytics capability. The integration is part of an expanded partnership that already includes integration with Qlik’s data integration platform. Databricks customers can now leverage the full capabilities of Qlik’s end-to-end data integration and analytics platform with Databricks’ Lakehouse architecture to increase the use and value of all the data residing in their data lake.  

With the integration with SQL Analytics, Qlik uniquely provides customers the ability to both optimize the data ingestion process feeding data into Lakehouse, as well as leverage Qlik Sense’s modern approach to analytics to create value through insights from data in Databricks. The new integration also enables Qlik Sense to deliver a powerful and improved customer experience for SQL users with optimized data access through a familiar interface in Databricks. Together, Qlik and Databricks can now deliver a fully automated data lake pipeline, with governed, trusted and near-real time data that is optimized for analytics.

To explore how to build highly scalable and reliable pipelines for analytics that deliver deeper insight into Apache Spark and Azure Databricks, including the latest updates with Delta Lake, join Qlik and Databricks for an upcoming virtual workshop on December 8. Attendees will learn how unified data analytics can bring data science, business analytics and engineering together to accelerate data and ML efforts. Register to attend here.

aqillaAqilliz, a technology company that specializes in blockchain-powered solutions for digital marketing, has announced a co-marketing partnership with Zirca, a global digital solutions company that provides digital advertising and content solutions to brands.


The partnership will see Aqilliz offering the whole range of Zirca’s audience targeting solutions across content and brand solutions, programmatic advertising, and monetization solutions for all its enterprise clients worldwide. In return, Zirca will also be offering Aqilliz’s suite of solutions leveraging three core technologies in blockchain, differential privacy, and federated discovery with data provenance to its domestic and global customer base. In working together, Aqilliz and Zirca will be able to offer a contextual model of audience targeting without compromising on efficiency and compliance in a privacy-first world.

Zirca’s all-encompassing range of content and brand solutions comprise ConsumeriQ, an audience archetyping tool that reveals personality traits, interests, and triggers that motivate online behavior based on audience archetypes. This allows for the creation and placement of content for maximum exposure and engagement. Zirca also offers Asia’s first integrated native advertising management platform, ContentiQ, which enables brands to identify the best content opportunities based on consumers' content consumption habits across various online platforms. As a global digital solutions company, Zirca provides digital advertising and content solutions to brands with the ultimate goal of unlocking the value of their digital assets. With solutions across two key verticals – advertising and content, as well as brand solutions — Zirca offers a diverse range of offerings spanning rich media and programmatic to branded content creation.

Founded in September 2019, Aqilliz is a technology company that seeks to enable a more connected marketing environment through its suite of blockchain-based solutions built for the digital marketing ecosystem. Aqilliz’s offerings look to uphold collaboration anchored by a foundation of compliant data sharing, targeted audience discovery, and optimized audience engagement. To date, Aqilliz has partnered and worked with leading industry names and brands across the fast-moving consumer goods and mobile food delivery sectors.