UIB Bosch Chat Bot PixabayConversational AIoT company UIB announced to have won in the “most scalable collaboration” category with their entry “Bosch Assist” at the fifth annual Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) Awards Ceremony and Gala - held virtually this year. Graced by Guest-of-Honor Mr. Chee Hong Tat, Singapore Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Transport, Bosch ASEAN and UIB were named the winners.

Powered by UIB’s conversational AIoT platform, Bosch Assist is a personal assistant that can talk to buildings — i.e., Bosch cameras, sensors, facilities, building management software, etc. — to seamlessly bridge the gaps between buildings’ technology, people, and processes.

UIB CEO. Toby Ruckert, said, “While success is often celebrated in an instant and appears to have happened overnight, real innovation needs loyal, long-term committed partners for such transformative solutions to see the light of day. What we typically don't see is the much-needed support (frontend and backend) to make this happen: customers who are willing to try something new, senior management who is willing to take a risk (and try something different), and most important of all, the associated team members, without whom this wouldn't have been possible.”

Bosch Building Technology Division Director of Sales ASEAN, Michael Goh, said, “Bosch Assist allows stakeholders of a building to have conversations with buildings’ smart, connected devices. Bosch Assist offers actionable insights, real-time notifications, besides services and benefits to users, facilities management operators, building owners, device manufacturers, and other stakeholders.”

UIB’s CEO concluded, “UIB and Bosch saw a gap in the PropTech, facilities and building management solutions markets. While there is no shortage of standalone hardware that system integrators can pull together for property owners who want the benefits of digital transformation, there was no single ‘smart building’ solution that offered best-in-class hardware, platform, interoperability with multiple manufacturers’ products, as every building has sensors, systems, equipment, and software from many different vendors. There is also a lack of a single, conversational interface that works with any connected device or system with an API, any communications channel (including WhatsApp), any language, voice, and text, and with any Natural Language Processor Artificial Intelligence (AI).”

UIB’s expertise is making human to machine (H2M) communications simple. Its customers can use natural language text and voice on over 30 messaging platforms (i.e., social media chat and messaging apps, smart speakers, VirtualHumans and robots) and connect to both IoT devices (i.e., lights, appliances, sensors, cameras, HVAC, etc.) and software systems, such as ERPs, telco service provisioning systems, and facilities management platforms. Owning the entire IP-protected messaging + AI + IoT technology stack, UIB provides both on-premises and cloud-based, SaaS implementations. (Source: UIB)

By MediaBUZZ