AnyMind Group enhances mobile capabilities for mobile and web publishers on AnyManagerAnyMind Group announced the launch of a suite of features on its publisher platform, AnyManager, to help mobile and web publishers to tap on the continued growth of mobile usage. The features center around helping web publishers leverage on progressive web applications infrastructure, and for native mobile app publishers to gain more insights from their app store data.

Initially launched as a platform with features just for web publishers, AnyMind Group expanded in the past year the functionality of its AnyManager platform for native mobile app publishers, providing both sets of publishers with greater accessibility and insight into user acquisition and monetization.

AnyManager is a web and mobile app publisher monetization platform that enables users to consolidate, manage and track their revenue streams across a wide range of demand sources, and provides publishers with features including header bidding and automated pricing optimization, along with integration with Google Analytics and 3rd-party ad verification, viewability and brand safety tools.

Hitoshi Maruyama, Managing Director of Publisher Growth for AnyMind Group, said: “In a mobile-first region like Asia, and in some markets even mobile-only, it is imperative that publishers are able to grow further by fully maximizing their potential audience whilst keeping up and capitalizing on the latest technologies. We are also seeing, and in fact powering, more fluidity by mobile app and web publishers in expanding opportunities by leveraging further on social media channels and e-commerce, augmenting possibilities for borderless growth.”

Web publishers

Web-based publishers that are trying to better tap on the world’s mobile-connected population can now leverage features for progressive web applications (PWA) through AnyManager. By implementing the PWA, publishers can work on improving user experience, such as speeding up site load or creating a push notification system to inform users of newly published content.

In recent years, it has become increasingly important for publishers to develop strategies and implement measures to cater to diverse user segments.

Web-based publishers that have set up a PWA infrastructure on AnyManager can now tap on targeted push notifications to specific user segments based on device, location and other parameters including users that have clicked on a site during a certain period or frequency of clicks. PWAs enable them to notify users of new content, promotions, and opportunities, directly on their mobile device. Data from push notifications is also linked to a publisher’s own Google Analytics data and advertising yield data, both available through AnyManager.

Publishers can also tap on customizable Add-to-Home screen prompts and formats to easily cue browser notifications for site visitors to add a site as a PWA on their mobile devices.

Native mobile app publishers

Native mobile app publishers can now access analytics features for app store and conversion improvements along with competitive analytics. This is in addition to current functionality for advertising demand activation and mediation and an app health score feature that provides publishers with a rating of their native mobile app based on factors including development, monetization, analytics, and user acquisition.

Native mobile app publishers can also tap on a new feature called AnySDK, a software development kit (SDK) for ad monetization that enables the delivery and mediation of ad requests from major mobile platform partners through a single SDK.

Additionally, native mobile app publishers can gain greater insight into user opinion of their apps by tapping into natural language processing-driven features such as sentiment rating and analysis of user comments, and identification of keywords and phrases based on app store rating. This helps publishers to better understand and highlight potential app issues, improvements, and fixes.

By MediaBUZZ