Reloaded Interactive, one of the World's largest in-game ad companies, announced mid of the year the launch of a dynamic in-game advertising network that is capable of delivering real-time ads within AAA game titles for console, mobile, and PC platforms.

Founded in the fall of 2011, the company previously operated as an in-game ad agency and media sales firm, until launching its own in-game advertising network this year. Dynamic in-game advertising is a type of in-game advertising that can be delivered within console, mobile, or flash games. It’s popularly seen within Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games, taking the form of predetermined billboards that can be updated, changed or removed in real-time to easily accommodate time-sensitive advertising campaigns.


The new network utilizes Reloaded's ad servers and technology to display advertisements to gamers by allowing companies and media buyers to advertise in real-time within console and computer video games. But what makes the company exceptional is their venture to be the first ever in-game advertising network to support dynamic delivery into select eighth generation game consoles by the end of 2013. Actually, the Reloaded network arrives at a time when the industry needs it most - as there hasn't been an active dynamic in-game advertising network since Double Fusion and IGA Worldwide ceased their services in early 2012.

Despite the unoccupied market, there continues to be a growing demand from advertisers and media buyers to utilize video games as a digital advertising channel. From an advertising standpoint, the Reloaded network will boast the following specs and capabilities:

  • Geo-targeting;
  • Frequency capping;
  • Ad scheduling;
  • Detailed impression reporting;
  • CPM price model (cost per one-thousand impressions).

"While operating as an in-game ad agency these past two years, we've been fortunate enough to witness first- hand, the success and failures of other dynamic networks before us," said Jordan L. Howard, the 23 year old Founder and CEO. "Based on this, we've developed a unique in-game advertising network business model that will ensure sustainability and growth. Our ultimate goal is to uphold the proven success of dynamic in-game advertising, and to ensure its longevity as a digital advertising channel."

There is no denying that the company is extremely proud to be one of the first dynamic in-game advertising networks to heavily support animated and in-game video ads in various placements throughout many of its participating games. In addition to the video placements, Reloaded will also be supporting the traditional in-game advertising assets that take the form of plain image ads on billboards or posters situated throughout virtual 3D game environments.

Mid of last year, Reloaded even launched a new tool that provides fully-automated reporting and campaign analysis for dynamic in-game advertising campaigns. The new interface is accessible site-wide and allows clients to login and easily pull campaign reports via a centralized dashboard that filters and compiles stats for all the types of dynamic in-game advertising (console, mobile, and flash). The reporting provides simple, yet essential, stats like impressions, clicks, and click-through rates (CTRs), which still isn’t a widespread offering amongst in-game advertising networks and companies.

“We’re in a new age of advertising where almost all forms of digital advertising is trackable, such as online advertising and social media for example”, argues Jordan L. Howard. “As effective as in-game advertising is, one of the challenges that the industry has faced over the years is a lack of reporting capabilities. Our goal is to change this with our new system, and encourage future advertisers to jump on board with in-game advertising”.

Game developers and publishers can join the Reloaded network by integrating an SDK (Software Development Kit) that includes an easy to follow, step-by-step guide for developers to sync-up their games to the Reloaded ad servers. So, reach out and request an SDK by visiting Reloaded’s website.

By Daniela La Marca