CastingAsia Influencer Profile 1AdAsia Holdings just launched CastingAsia, an influencer marketing platform, as its newest addition to the AdAsia Digital Platform across Asia.

CastingAsia will be integrated into the growing AdAsia Digital Platform portfolio, allowing marketers to develop, manage, and monitor influencer marketing campaigns alongside desktop, mobile, and video programmatic capabilities, bought through the AdAsia Ad Network, AdAsia Video Network, premium inventory and other ad exchanges.

Common issues influencer marketers face today include: sifting through disparate influencer information silos, taking a scattergun approach to influencer recruitment and spending too much time on influencer management.  CastingAsia addresses these issues by automatically analyzing influencer data to find the right match for brands. Marketers can also develop scalable influencer marketing campaigns, managed through a central point or in individual markets.

Key features of CastingAsia

  • Recruitment: Use of influencer and campaign data to recommend the right influencers for specific campaign objectives; Search, filter and group influencers based on their needs;
    o Integrate current influencers and build multiple influencer networks based on specific campaign objectives.

  • Management and communication:
    o Manage content rights for influencer-generated content;
    o Deliver communications to influencers through platform messaging.

  • Monitoring and reporting:
    o Track and measure an influencer's engagements, conversations, and campaign performance on a macro and micro level.

Other key features include readily accessible influencer data and follower demographics, as well as a content management repository.

Marketers can also seamlessly include well-performing influencers into their video advertising efforts through AdAsia Video Production and place the video ads across the AdAsia Video Network. This allows for consolidated management, reporting, and tracking of budget expenditure on various marketing initiatives, through a single platform. Of course, AdAsia consultants are always available to guide marketers with their influencer marketing campaigns and usage of the platform.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder, AdAsia Holdings, said: “This move allows marketers to streamline their marketing efforts further through the AdAsia Digital Platform, and is yet another step towards developing a single platform that solves the needs of a modern marketer.”

“With the number of eyeballs on mobile devices and cross-device social media usage in this region, brand storytelling has never been easier. This makes Influencer marketing highly relevant in Asia, and marketers should explore opportunities of tying influencer marketing with programmatic advertising,” he concluded.

By MediaBUZZ