IDGInternational research organisation IGD added a new research and insights platform to its roster of services that builds on the company’s existing expertise in the area.

IGD Asia is led by a local team of industry experts headquartered in Singapore. The new platform will offer insight and capability services designed to help businesses trade successfully in Asian markets and provide in-depth data and analysis on FMCG retail in Asia.

Through the platform businesses will have access to future-focused insights that cover the latest trends shaping the evolution of the FMCG industry in Asia; the best retail innovations, in-store category excellence, and best in class promotional and seasonal activity.

Speaking on the launch of the new service, Louise Spillard, Managing Director of IGD Asia, said: “IGD Asia is a step change for businesses wanting to better understand and trade successfully with the FMCG industry in Asia. The relationships we have built with retailers and suppliers in Asia give us unrivalled access to what’s happening on the ground in the region and allow us to be uniquely placed to understand the challenges companies face and deliver the right insight and capability.

“What sets us apart is that we really understand retailers and manufacturers, both strategically and operationally. We know FMCG, we know what exceptional looks like, and we can show customers how to get there. Our insights not only show the “what” but importantly add value around the “how” and “why”. We help manufacturers understand their customers, the retailers, as well as understand how to operate within their own businesses better to identify and realise the opportunities available to them.”

IGD Asia will provide detailed coverage of Asia’s top 18 markets and cover over 100 retailer profiles in the region, with information available on forecasts by country and retailer, plus key insights for fast growing channels. Businesses signed up to the service will gain an understanding of effective sales tactics in different retailers, markets and channels.

Source: IDG