3inflInstagram is one of the fastest growing social networks which has surpassed Facebook by now among young users, since the service correlates exactly with the trends of visual communication without words, possibility of anonymity and full mobile use. Of course, Instagram is an interesting marketing channel for businesses as well, with its dedicated audience and steadily growing network.

Authenticity is crucial

Instagram, however, works differently and many enterprises had to learn this the hard way, when they realized that their glossy studio photos were generally not well received, while supposed trifles unfold unexpected viral potential. Instagram has its own style, its own laws, and its own traps.

Therefore, as always, a well-grounded analysis of the target group is needed to be able to create on this basis a visual editorial schedule. You should make use of as many events as possible to produce resources cost-effectively for ongoing communication.

3didUser generated content is always in high demand

Sometimes it's worth to look behind the scenes and check out what other industries or countries are doing on Instagram. Cisco, for example, always calls out on Wednesday the "#CableWednesday", encouraging their users to submit photos of their server rooms and appropriate cables. Then, Cisco selects one image and publishes it with the corresponding hashtag. This is a clever move, as it saves own resources and creates engagement that is otherwise difficult to get.

Images, in the form of infographics, generally work well and emphasize the expert competence of the company, too. Not to mention that such contributions can be created in advance and then published gradually on a larger scale.

Particularly popular are, however, images that convey fun or action. This can be snapshots of events, products that are creatively staged, or unusual perspectives on everyday things.

Quality before quantity

A good content mix on Instagram needs, as usual, some experience and the right planning.

According to a recent eMarketer.com report, Instagram influencers who have the most followers don’t necessarily garner the most “likes” and comments, showing that those who had more than 10 million followers received e.g. only an average of 1.66 “likes”.

If that’s not news to you, just keep in mind to stay prepared as best as you can.

By Daniela La Marca