Targeted at 50 top management and professionals, MediaBUZZ's half day seminar on July 9th attracted more than 70 attendees who learnt about the shadow economy and social engineering, the various forms of social engineering in today's world as well as the risks involved, how to stay alert to the various threats, best practices to bear in mind and an in-depth look at web application attacks and the dangers we face in cyberspace.

Watch this space for our in-depth event supplement that will be out this later this month and which will feature in-depth coverage of the presentations, interviews with the speakers and companies, trends on social engineering and more on the technology involved when it comes to social engineering.
The presentations of our speakers can be downloaded here:

  • Introduction: The Realm of Social Engineering
    Exactly what is social engineering? How did it come about and how has it evolved? Why is Social Engineering such a big risk? What are the typical examples of social engineering attacks and how can and does it affect businesses? What should companies look out for to avoid becoming an exploited social engineering attack?
    Presenter: Shanti Anne Morais, Editor Asian Channels, MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd
  • Your Web and Applications - The Hacker's New Target
    Hackers today are attacking your web applications, to get into your infrastructure and steal your data. They know you (should) have a firewall and so realize the network is no longer the best way to infiltrate. Our being highly and increasingly dependent on web applications and services, with these becoming increasingly sophisticated, do not help either. Firewalls do not protect against web application attacks. Over 80% of software applications are known to be vulnerable, due to imperfect coding or development. Learn more about this new, real and dangerous internet security threat, why it happens and what to do about it …
    Presenter: Anthony Lim, Director, Security, Rational Software, IBM Asia Pacific
  • The Shadow Economy
    The last few years have seen a considerable change in the nature of security challenges faced by companies all over the world, whether they are small, medium, or large enterprises. On the Internet everything is connected to everything else – distance does not separate a business in San Francisco from a virus-compromised home computer in Bangalore or Beijing. The problem for businesses anywhere in the world is that the more compromised computers there are, the greater the torrent of malware and spam. With these ever-growing threats, how can you prepare your organization against these attacks? This presentation will give an overview of the threat landscape for organisations.
    Presenter: Don Ng, Enterprise Security, Field Director, Symantec Asia Pacific