It’s no secret that security threats are on the rise. Everywhere you look; there are reports on new breaches, hacking/phishing attacks, spam, malware, Trojans, botnet attacks and more. Security threats to SMBs (small & medium enterprises) are just as real as they are to enterprise organizations. Unfortunately, the tragedy is that many SMBs are simply unaware of Unified Threat Management (UTM) and how it can combat these threats. After all, secure networks afford businesses the freedom to be productive and operate efficiently.

So what exactly is UTM? Originally coined by IDC, UTM refers to comprehensive network infrastructure devices in which multiple security technologies - often firewall, intrusion prevention, antivirus and spyware - are combined into a single appliance. Because these devices provide a single, integrated interface, UTM aims to simplify network security management. Most UTM devices are firewalls or IPS devices at the core, with other technologies available as optional components or modules. However, did you know that conversely, nearly all modern firewalls have UTM capabilities?

While UTM was initially targeted at SMBs, vendors have been trying to move the technology upstream to larger organizations. But just how successful has this strategy been so far? Do you know what UTM means and does for your company? UTM is definitely an up-and-coming trend in the network security world. MediaBUZZ’s event “UTM: An Evolution or Revolution?” explored this technology in detail to find out more about it - its current trends and challenges, and what these mean for both users and vendors’ alike. Read all about the findings and core discussion points!

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Norbert Kiss


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Anthony Lim
Security & Governance Chapter, SITF


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Frost & Sullivan