Just Imagine 100GoodIdeasIn celebration of their second anniversary and 100th blog post, Just Imagine, our friends from Aurecon just published their first eBook #100GoodIdeas. The company’s award-winning future-focused blog encourage its readers arrestingly to explore what is possible through their imagination.

Aurecon’s experts seek to push the boundaries and imagine what might be possible if we challenge the status quo, inspire with their power of observation, expertise and witty spelling style.

In today’s world, where artificial intelligence and automatons are joining the global workforce, comes the need for us humans to step up in fostering creativity and innovation through our imaginations, the engineering and infrastructure advisory company believes - and it all starts with an idea.

“The exponential rate of disruption continues to challenge every business today, and the desire to innovate alone will not be enough for organisations to survive through it. We have to become creative and go beyond the bounds of ordinary and conventional, to discover the possibilities that await us,” says Dr Kourosh Kayvani, Aurecon Managing Director for Design, Innovation and Eminence.

“Our future is built through the ideas that we have of the future today and it is our responsibility to help envision it, shape it and make it happen,” he adds.

The eBook showcases all 100 thought-provoking and powerful arguments that Just Imagine has published, surrounding business, leadership, engineering, technology, innovation, sustainability and the future of our workforce.

“For the past two years, we have gone through a broad spectrum of futuristic ideas, theories and ideologies that can shape the way our world works, and it has deeply helped us connect with our readers. The #100GoodIdeas eBook is a representation of this milestone. As we move past the 100th, we now continue pushing our boundaries even further to help change the future of our world,” says Danielle Bond, Aurecon’s Head of Marketing and Communications.

Just Imagine’s #100GoodIdeas can be downloaded on the website for free.