Kakis.sg will soon be the latest social media platform that will hit Singapore’s increasingly buzzing social media scene. It aims to link up/connect people looking for fellow buddies in sports activities.Explaining how he coined the name of the site, Kakis.sg’s founder, Raymond Cheok said that it comes directly from the actual definition of the word ‘kaki’: a Singaporean colloquail term of a activity partner, buddy or mate.  Its origin is from the Malay word meaning "leg".

Cheok notes that there is an increasing need for networking and socializing for business, companionship, sports and recreational endeavors in Singapore, which spurred him to come up with Kaki.sg. The site will have a closed list of activities organized into a hierarchy of classifications for Indoor activities: Sports, Recreation, Social, Lifestyle, Self-Improvement; as well as for Outdoor activities: Sports & Adventure.

Members are required to do a one-time key-in of basic key profile information which will be used for the "Kaki" selection process, driven by a matching algorhythm developed by Computer Science principles. Members play the roles of Activity Initiators or Invitees. Once an activity is initiated, the system will select invitees based on "desired kaki" profiles entered by the initiator and the invitee will be given a chance to accept or reject.

Once the list of invitees have accepted the activity invite, it is up to the initiator to commence other means of communication to organise and further confirm the activity. The activity will have all the details regarding Location, cost, start date/time end date/time and other information that can be searched upon thereby allowing non invitees to also "self invite". Initiators will also have the right to accept or reject an invitees response to an invite or self-invite. Kakis will have a list of Kakis "earned" through the participation in activities or initiation of activities.

“This system is not unlike a dating website except that it is a one to many association and not a one to one association, thereby giving a sense of security, despite initial non acquaintance. One of the key advantages of this platform as well as its mission is to foster healthy and mutually beneficial acquaintances, friendships and relationships,  through the participation of Lifestyle, Social, Recreational and Sporting activities in a safe and open environment,” adds Cheok.

He shares that the Ministry of Community Youth and Sports will potentially be a keen advocator of this social networking site. The platform is still under review and testing and hence will not be live till sometime end February or Mid March