ValueChampionMetaverseBringing innovation and knowledge sharing to a new level in the finance space, ValueChampion is launching an immersive Metaverse finance world with HSBC, Allianz Insurance Singapore/Allianz Partners, Advisors Alliance Group (Representing AIA Financial Advisers Pte Ltd), Funding Societies, and IG to bring about a new mode of storytelling.

ValueChampion is a personal finance website that aims to provide clarity on all of life's financial decisions, aware that financial literacy is essential to everyone, especially in these uncertain economic times with unprecedented inflation and price hikes in daily necessities.

People are increasingly aware of investing and growing their money, protecting themselves financially from unanticipated situations and educating themselves on financial products. While the internet is a treasure trove of information, consumers have to be cautious about the accuracy of the information they obtain online.

The #VCWorld is a Metaverse virtual world which is developed to engage and connect with personal finance enthusiasts. This is an exciting next step for ValueChampion which is always on the lookout for different ways to provide more creative and effective content for its audience.

To enrich and gamify the learning process, ValueChampion partnered up with OWF (Our World Is Flat) to build an entirely new virtual world for people to explore. OWF is creating a new Web 3.0 experience with the use of immersive technologies through ValueChampion's platform.

Official brands will embed their own virtual characters and brand experiences into the Metaverse to interact with the players, guiding them along the road to financial success and safety. Players will get to learn about the six verticals of financial products in a bite-sized and fun manner in the game.

This Metaverse world aims to bring all players' financial wellness to the next level, with the goal to make financial knowledge accessible and inclusive.

More will be revealed nearer to the launch date of the Metaverse. (Source: ValueChampion)

By MediaBUZZ