DaletEditorDalet, a leading technology and service provider for media-rich organizations, announced the release of Dalet Cut, the cloud-native, real-time, lightning-fast multimedia and multiplatform editor fully integrated within the Dalet ecosystem.

Available for Dalet Pyramid news customers and in Summer 2023 for Dalet Flex media workflow customers, Dalet Cut powers live web-based editing from anywhere with native access to all assets including clips, sequences, projects and graphics, even on limited bandwidth.

“Dalet Cut is a game-changing web-based editor. There is no other solution on the market that provides such speed, mobility and format agility. The native integration of the editing process into the wider media production and storytelling workflow brings tremendous value through collaboration,” states Robin Kirchhoffer, CMO, Dalet. “In news production specifically, Dalet Cut seamlessly blends field and newsroom editing workflows – offering exactly the same user experience to both. Designed for all skill sets, Dalet Cut simplifies editing and production workflows so that there is no training required for new users.”

The intuitive user experience enables content producers and storytellers to collaborate with unparalleled speed and efficiency, delivering better audience experiences across linear and non-linear channels. In a few clicks, content targeted for linear channels can be repackaged for social and OTT platforms, optimizing resources and saving time. (Source: Dalet)