lastmileLast Mile Fulfilment Asia (LMFAsia), organized by SingEx Exhibitions, will return from 3rd to 4th March 2016 at the Singapore EXPO. Themed “eCommerce Beyond Borders”, the conference and exhibition will be bigger than 2015, with the introduction of four new pavilions, pre-conference activities and more focused sessions. The event aims to attract in 2016 more visitors and delegates from the retail, eCommerce and fulfilment companies globally to drive more seamless cross border last mile fulfilment in Asia.

“LMFAsia 2016 participants will be able to deep dive into the topic of cross-border eCommerce, with the event serving as a platform for participants to discuss key issues faced by the last mile fulfilment industry, and creating greater opportunities for players to explore and address challenges and solutions, while growing opportunities for eCommerce fulfilment in Asia and beyond,” said Lee Jeong Hoon, Project Director, Last Mile Fulfilment Asia (LMFAsia) & Assistant Director, Business Development, SingEx Exhibition Ventures Pte Ltd.

A new and improved one-stop marketplace

The LMFAsia exhibition features exhibitors from across the fulfilment ecosystem, making it the definitive one-stop marketplace for industry players to come together to explore opportunities for business collaboration and market expansion. Products from retail brands worldwide, international eCommerce marketplace operators, integrated warehouse, fleet and payment management solutions, as well as the latest in fulfilment technologies by leading regional and domestic players will be showcased.

In order to facilitate more collaborations, the four new pavilions seek to highlight key pockets of growth:

Brands and Cross-Border Marketplace Pavilions – a myriad of up-and-coming local brands looking to synergize for successful market expansion and for a platform to expand regionally.

Fulfilment Disruptor Pavilion – dedicated to exhibitors from new and established technology companies, demonstrating the latest innovative solutions. Participants can expect to see biometric and analytics software, and mobile interfaces specially designed for the eCommerce, parcel and logistics industries to overcome last mile and cross-border delivery issues.

Singapore Pavilion – supported by IE Singapore, the pavilion will feature home-grown service and solution providers with offerings across the entire fulfilment ecosystem, from last mile, fulfilment centers, warehousing solutions to automation.

Malaysia Pavilion – lead by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), the pavilion will feature key technologies players from Malaysia with solutions for eCommerce and last mile fulfilment.

LMFAsia 2016 will fully maximize the potential for business collaboration within the region with more pre-event business and social networking opportunities on the eve of the event. Participants can also look forward to activities that are designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and partnership enhancements by providing more touch points for business and social networking opportunities.

One of the new pre-event activities planned for 2016 is the government session which will allow industry players to have direct access to representatives from local governments in the region, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Participants will better understand what each country has to offer in terms of logistics, technology and grants.

A cross-border eCommerce roundtable will also be hosted to address the opportunities and issues for operators within the ASEAN marketplace. This will be a platform for participants to conduct open discussions on what independent marketplace operators need to do to truly grow cross-border eCommerce. This closed-door session will allow independent marketplace operators to collectively seek solutions and opportunities to help them gain an edge in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Another scheduled activity is a visit to the state-of-the-art DHL Innovation Centre. The Centre is a showcase of new technologies and services that are designed for the growing needs of the eCommerce, logistics and fulfilment industries in the region.

Strong line-up of quality content to address current and future challenges

The 2016 edition of LMFAsia will continue to deliver quality, industry-driven content at the two-day conference, with over 70 international speakers and experts lined-up to address key themes through an array of keynotes, panel discussions, forums/roundtables and focused tracks. The 2016 conference will also present new sessions focused on Asian government policies, cold chain logistics, and case-studies of retailers and fulfilment centers.

Last but not least, LMFAsia will also be partnering IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition), the organizer of the world’s largest eCommerce show, for a one-day track and a joint keynote session on 4th March. The track will feature some of the leading online retailers and eCommerce entrepreneurs, who are leading eCommerce industry trends and driving new marketing strategies for their business in the digital age.

As the only event dedicated to eCommerce fulfilment in Asia, the second edition of Last Mile Fulfilment Asia continues to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and dialogue. It serves as the catalyst to help companies leverage on fulfilment as an enabler and key differentiator for their businesses, address deeper and broader fulfilment issues and be at the forefront of the latest innovations and solutions in the market.

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