On Facebook, private and business affairs are more and more mixed together, so do help protect yourself by learning how you can customize your privacy with just a few clicks.

Please also consider that humor is usually a matter of taste and context, but it is reflected unfiltered on Facebook. I point this out, as I have the feeling that people sometimes don’t really seem to realize that they give a “wrong” image to the public and what an impact it can have on their real life.

Protection of sensitive data and images

Who wants to share texts and images with friends on Facebook that are not intended to be seen by business partners, bosses, or your mother?

You can set your privacy through the menu item "account" and "privacy settings” to define exactly who you would allow to see what kind of area. If you exclude everyone but your friends, as a consequence, you cannot accept a single contact as a friend who shouldn’t see your contents. As the case may be, all future friend requests would need to be rejected from the professional field, which usually brings with it potential for conflict.

Create groups of friends

For those who feel that these general attitudes are not precise enough they can organize their contacts in groups. In the field "user-defined settings" on the privacy page groups can then be assigned specific permissions. So make sure that every new friend gets assigned to the right group, so that they do not get to see the wrong content. In addition, this group of friends function is also suitable to divide contacts by language. When properly set, Chinese-speaking friends would only see Chinese status messages and English speaking friends would only see those in English.

All without warranty

Even if everything is set up correctly, there is no guarantee in future that no one will see a piquant picture or sensitive comment, which may have been explicitly permitted. Facebook system updates of the software’s privacy settings have been made public several times in recent years - without warning. Whoever wishes to be absolutely sure of no mishap is best advised not to publish anything that is not suited for the public eye. For private communications, there are more discrete channels through the largest social media platform in the world.

By Daniela La Marca