Google launched a new mobile consumer data resource at the Mobile Marketing Association Forum in London.

The Our Mobile Planet website provides users with free access to the full set of data from the Global Mobile Research: The Smartphone User & The Mobile Marketer initiative conducted on behalf of Google by Ipsos GmbH in collaboration with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

Our Mobile Planet provides insights into smartphone usage and mobile attitudes. Users can create custom charts that will deepen their understanding of the mobile consumer and support data driven decisions in their mobile strategy.

“The site features a free interactive tool that puts valuable resources in the hands of marketers who want to better understand the mobile consumer,” said Michael Becker, MMA North American Managing Director. “Users can create custom charts that will help them to analyze smartphone consumer behavior and support data-driven decision making. We’re proud to have played a role in collecting that data.”

The study was a global effort conducted in partnership by Google, Ipsos and the MMA to get insights about the mobile user and its mobile usage. To better understand mobile usage, the Our Mobile Planet site provides deep dives into search, video, social and email behaviour, as well as mobile research and purchase intentions. Most of the data is set into context for the classical desktop internet to evaluate differences and similarities between these channels.

To find out more, and to view the data, visit: