Hydra, a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) marketing technology, announced the launch of its next-generation capability - the OneSearch – last week. This new release allows users to manage Search campaigns in an integrated way, taking into account both Natural Search and Paid Search performance within the same view.

Since consumers do not think in terms of Paid and Natural Search when they are searching for products online, Hydra's ground-breaking approach means that businesses also do not need to separate these functions. Users of "The One Platform" can manage their online activity in an integrated way by seamlessly combining actionable insight from the different channels of Search into one view, thereby delivering previously untapped opportunities to digital marketers.

This enhancement brings together Natural and Paid Search data, analytics data and metrics about page accessibility, credibility and relevancy; making it possible to see how to get more return on investment (ROI) from campaigns and improving organic rankings.

Further, understanding Quality Score enables marketers to have a more precise view of what pages will work best with a Paid campaign, and thereby can leverage a lower Cost-per-Click (CPC) to get a better rank.

By importing existing campaigns, users can see at a keyword and phrase level, how effective each channel is in driving success. Automatic recommendations are delivered simultaneously, suggesting which keyword will be more effective on each page of a website. These can then be developed further to include phrases and keywords from Social Media that are new and trendy.

Hydra's new release offers digital marketers several tangible new benefits -

Natural and Paid Search campaigns come together in a single view: Being able to view both Natural and Paid Search classification or keyword data combined, allows users to choose how much to bid as well as how to prioritize Natural or Paid Search for every keyword.

Creativity using keywords that deliver: Users of the platform can now see Natural and Paid Search campaigns as they have designed them, with the added benefit of receiving intelligent recommendations specific to their business for keywords that are both relevant to the business and that deliver.

Report according to business requirements: The One Platform's intelligent classification allows users to report in a manner that the business requires - with the organization of keywords within campaigns reflecting how the business operates, regardless of how historical campaigns have been designed.

Assess Quality Score: Users can now get automated recommendations as to which landing pages to use for which campaign to increase relevancy and improve rankings for any given Cost-per-Click.

Earlier this year, Hydra conducted a survey of more than 300 digital marketers to evaluate how teams currently operate based on collaboration, use of technologies, and competitor analysis. 55% of respondents said they did not know which words or expressions being used in the market are worth spending on. 90% said they see an advantage in their digital teams using a common reporting and campaign implementation platform. This research triggered the development of "The One Platform" and with it "OneSearch" which is filling a gap in the search industry.

By MediaBUZZ