Experian® just launched its Hitwise Search Intelligence™ service for the Hong Kong market. 

The service will help domestic and international marketers operating in Hong Kong improve their online marketing, content development, affiliate strategies and search tactics.

Based on anonymous and aggregated search behaviour of 1.8 million Hong Kong Internet users, the Hong Kong Search Intelligence service provides extensive insight into how people search for products and services in over 160 industries, across all major search engines.  Experian Hitwise Search Intelligence™ for Hong Kong is also the first Hitwise product that recognises Traditional Chinese characters.  This means marketers will be able to search Traditional Chinese characters and they will also appear in any reports generated.

"We are delighted to expand our Experian Hitwise service in Hong Kong by including search capabilities in both English and Traditional Chinese," said Graeme Beardsell, Managing Director of South Asia at Experian.  "In order to grow and protect market share, businesses must have sound data to base decisions on.  Search Intelligence provides the most timely and comprehensive information about Internet usage and will help marketers better understand the specifics of consumer behaviour and competitors' marketing activities in the Hong Kong market.  This is a crucial tool for marketers to improve and measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns."

The Hong Kong Search Intelligence service will provide clients with data on website industry and category rankings, Clickstream traffic activity, search behaviour and keyword research.  Hitwise clients will also have access to additional tools to create custom categories, search term portfolios and customised dashboards.

These search functions will enable companies to drive better and more qualified traffic to their websites, protect their base, brand and market share by acting on the terms that are driving traffic to competitors and make timely decisions based on what products and services people are searching for during that period of time.

"Companies based in Hong Kong can expect to see powerful outcomes in a short time frame by using a service like this.  We already have a proven track record in achieving results for our Hitwise clients.  For example, an Australian car rental company was able to increase its web traffic by over 40 percent within one month of subscribing to Search Intelligence, by identifying major keyword traffic drivers they were not using in their adwords campaigns," added Beardsell.

In addition, Experian Hitwise clients will also receive consulting services to drive strategy and generate immediate returns.  The Search Intelligence service also complements the Experian CheetahMail e-mail marketing service available in Hong Kong, to provide a comprehensive digital marketing portfolio.

Search Intelligence key features include:

  • Search terms to a website or industry: Analyse all keywords and search terms that successfully drive traffic to a specific website, industry or custom category.
  • Search term variations and analysis: Determine variations and performance of a specific term to include in search campaigns, and analyse websites that receive the most traffic from individual keywords.
  • Compare search terms: Chart search terms over time, to determine a term's demand and popularity.
  • Gap analysis: Compare two sets of search term data and find the 'gaps' that are missing from your search campaigns.
  • Advanced portfolio features: Create search term lists and store them within Hitwise accounts.  Use tools to manage, chart and trend keyword portfolios over time including paid and organic rate across a group of terms, keyword breakdown, search engine share and searches vs. clicks.
  • Advanced filtering: Filter by engine to include and exclude terms in results (e.g. branded terms).