David CannellosThe world of digital media is transforming around us every day. Digital lifestyle consumers are flocking to new technologies, challenging traditional ways of doing business. New and existing providers that give them greater control over how, when and where they purchase, acquire and enjoy their favorite media content will not only succeed, but thrive.

According to David Cannellos, senior vice president of sales & marketing, Irdeto, “Consumers can't get enough quality content. The richer the content is, the more compelling the experience – and more complex the production requirements. For serious brands that have real-time content management, packaging, and delivery needs, only a professional, high-performance system will do.”

Enter Irdeto's content management solution which can be deployed in different configurations to meet the unique needs of content owners or content distributors. It is also designed to provide redundancy and ease of integration with other solutions, such as content protection, customer care and billing and third-party applications.

Irdeto’s full suite of content management solutions enable content owners and distributors to format, process, package, and deliver to streaming, video on demand (VOD), pay per view (PPV), web sites, IPTV and all other digital media platforms in one single process. “With Irdeto’s flexible content management solutions, content owners can drive increased visibility and traffic to their content by providing enhanced branded syndication solutions for affiliates, aggregators, and community sites. This additional presence leads to higher value capture for the top line and increased viewership for higher retention rates,” elaborates Cannellos.

The benefits include:

  • Scalability and performance
  • Increase average revenue per user
  • Powerful discovery capabilities
  • Compelling consumer media experiences

Celebrating 40 years of innovation this year, Irdeto has emerged as a trailblazer and leader in the digital media industry. The company’s vision and mission is to empower companies to protect and monetize their digital assets and maximize return on content with innovative and reliable software technologies, content management and distribution solutions and end-to-end solutions and services.

“Over the past four decades, our unique technologies and strategies have enabled everything, from the world’s first digital satellite pay-TV network to the world’s first mobile broadcast-TV ser-vice,” shares Bengt Jonsson, Irdeto’s vice-president-sales, Asia-Pacific. He continues, “This history of innovation continues today as we expand our business to protect new platforms and provide end-to-end solutions for a wide range of customers and their marketplaces.”

The company's products include conditional access, digital rights management, business support systems and set-top box software solutions. Through group company Cloakware, Irdeto also provides software and datacenter security solutions. In fact, the acquisition of Cloakware last year resulted in Irdeto expanding its product offering to include a full range of content & business model protection solutions that enable broadcasters and operators to launch and grow their digital TV businesses profitably and securely using not only CA and DRM, but also Business Support Systems and STB Software Solutions.

“As the pace of digital migration increases around the world, Irdeto helps our customers to not only protect their content but grow their overall business in other ways as well,” says Graham Kill, CEO of Irdeto. “The inclusion of Business Support Systems and STB Software Solutions in our portfolio gives Irdeto the ability to provide advanced, end-to-end solutions to our customers, allowing them to protect their content, create a compelling consumer experience on the STB, and generate revenue by profitably managing the customer relationship.”

The company is definitely seeing a lot of traction in the Asia with strong growth in countries across the region such as India and China. Jonsson also notes that there are huge opportunities for them in Vietnam and Indonesia especially with mobile television taking off. He concludes, “We at Irdeto are committed to enabling pay-TV operators, telcos, content owners and consumer-electronics manufacturers to succeed in the digital media age by providing innovative and reliable technologies that protect and monetize digital assets, and maximize returns on any content sent over any network to any device.”

By Shanti Anne Morais