data_protectionThe direct interaction between advertisers and customers has never been as simple, and at the same time as difficult. Because of the variety of channels and tools the pressure of competition among companies increases. Besides, today’s preferable unusual content and ideas that manage to get as close as possible to the key demographic group as possible, times are quite challenging.

Individually tailored advertising on the Internet is therefore the marketing currency of the future. In the battle for the attention of online users, it is important for advertisers to find their customers along their individual customer journey and to speak with customized advertising materials.

How to achieve it? How can data from various sources be linked together so that efficient cross channel campaigns are possible? Ask the schober marketing group!

The company’s has capaneo DataDriver on offer, a technology that allows an intelligent combination of online and offline data.

capaneo DataDriver is an innovative data management platform (DMP) for personalized customer communication via all display channels in real-time. It recognizes website visitors and controls personalized advertising over various platforms. On top of that, it provides data protection-compliant linking of online and offline capability - made anonymous and no longer traceable.

You will be able to identify anonymous visitors to your site immediately and assign them to a fixed user profile. Further, you can identify existing customers online, although they are not logged in, or segment profiles with additional information from external providers with even more detail and address them directly.

How to use the capaneo Data Driver and to capitalize on your own data, 3rd party data, and the data from involved matching partner? Schober's capaneo DataDriver features:

  • Central collection, storage, segmentation and profiling of data in a secured area;
  • Combination of online and offline potential from as many sources as possible: own data (1st-party data) as well as external data (3rd-party data);
  • Wide-ranging application of knowledge acquisition, including for data protected advertising activities, dynamic target audience activation (re-targeting) or even the displaying of personalised content on own websites;
  • Real-time bidding with offline information.

The benefits for you in a nutshell are:

  • With the capeneo DataDriver, you can detect anonymous visitors to your website as soon as they load the website and assign a fixed user profile.
  • You have the option to identify your own existing customers when they are online even when they are not logged in.
  • You can take advantage of the wealth of additional information from external providers (3rd-party data) in order to segment your own profiles even more. As a result, it is possible to establish highly personalized target groups for advertising purposes.
  • Real-time modelling of profiles and affinities through additional (anonymous) information via the online web usage behaviour of users on various websites is possible.
  • Intelligent targeting technology, with which you can control advertising messages for the segments established - via own display campaigns as well as via DSPs.
  • Very high level of protection and security for your data, which is independently inspected and certified by ePrivacyseal.

By MediaBUZZ