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       Graph of risk status across the globe

                                                                                           Source: Foregenix

       Simple  precautions  can  make  a  real  difference  to   as  well  as  banks  and  governments  globally.  Its
       reducing  a  company's  risk  from  criminals  such  as   specialists  are  drawn  from  backgrounds  including  law
       regularly  patching,  changing  default  settings  on  the   enforcement,  counterterrorism  and  digital  security.
       administration  interface  and  using  stronger  passwords
       with  multi-factor  authentication.  Risk  can  never  be   Any business that wants to know whether its website is
       entirely  eliminated,  so  companies  should  also  consider   secure can run a scan for free, using similar technology
       investing in a partnership with a cybersecurity specialist   that   detected   the   issues   above   at   http://
       organization  and  cyber  insurance  policy,  Foregenix ◊
       With  a  decade  of  experience  in  the  Payment  Card                               By MediaBUZZ
       Industry  (PCI),  Foregenix  helps  merchants,  payment
       processors,  banks  and  other  operators  to  ensure  they
       are  securing  their  environments  effectively  while
       complying  with  industry  security  standards.  The
       company works mainly with clients in the Fintech, retail,
       e-commerce,  hospitality,  travel  and  insurance  sectors,

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