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Email Marketing & E-Commerce


         Shopping 4.0: Creating    pg 4      Asian Magento websites at  pg 6      Southeast Asia's internet   pg 8

         cross-channel shopping            high risk from hackers due         economy hits an inflection
         experiences for the               to simple security oversight       point
         customer of tomorrow

         Outcome-driven media is a   pg 10      The e-commerce top   pg 12      Generation Z is technophile  pg 14

         key priority for APAC             performers on social media         and thoughtful
         marketers moving into 2019        are…?

         Ménage à trois of digital +   pg 16      Adobe holiday shopping   pg 18      HBM launches blended   pg 20

         retail + innovation turns out     predictions                        learning express course for
         to be difficult
                                                                              marketers producing video
         Criteo predicts record-   pg 22

         breaking sales on both
         Singles’ Day and 12/12 in


         By the end of the year, PHP  pg 24   Meltwater’s tips on how to   pg 26   User engagement is the key  pg 28
         5.6 and 7.0 will be shut          supercharge holiday sales         to sustainable ROI in email
         down – be aware of the            through social media              marketing

         Authentic AI includes     pg 30    Insight on ways companies  pg 32   Generate a better        pg 34
         dynamic adaptation to              can safeguard against             conversion rate by
         novelty                            inevitable future                 optimizing webpages for
                                            uncertainties                     subconscious behaviors

         Fraud in e-commerce       pg 36


         Zendesk Sunshine - a new   pg 38      TrueCommerce Engage    pg 40       Leading tourism websites   pg 42

         CRM platform built on              POS system now available          localize their sites in at least
         Amazon Web Services                in the Square App                 18 languages to assure
                                            Marketplace                       success


         Lazada partners Korean    pg 44    Indi empowers and extends  pg 45   Lazada pledges to cultivate  pg 46
         intellectual property              customer engagement of            and sustain a prosperous
         regulator to protect brands        Indonesian online                 eCommerce ecosystem in
         and consumers                      marketplace Tokopedia             SEA

         BUZZWORDS             - Formjacking                                                             pg 48

         APPOINTMENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                      pg 50

         IMPRINT                                                                                         pg 55

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