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             Shopping 4.0: Creating cross-channel shopping

             experiences for the customer of tomorrow

            Convenience,  online  affinity  and  curiosity,  are  the   meet the current needs of the respective visitor, hence,
            characteristics  of  tomorrow’s  customers,  demanding   have the highest relevance for him. This guarantees an
            investments in a cross-channel customer approach from   individual shopping experience.
            online  retailers.  Certainly,  it  is  easy  to  create  a  web
            shop  today,  using  various  tools  on  the  Internet,  good   Trend 2: Positioning mobile well
            product  ideas  and  a  functional  shop  system  alone  are
            no longer enough for a successful online business. With   Whether tablet or smartphone, 'mobile' is and remains
            the  enormous  changes  in  purchasing  behavior,    one  of the most relevant trends in e-commerce. More
            customer  demands  are  shifting  at  the  same  time.  The   and  more  people  are  taking  advantage  of  the
            more it is important to be ahead of the times to prepare   opportunity to shop mobile anywhere, anytime and are
            for the following trends:                            now  making  almost  as  many  transactions  on  their
                                                                 mobile as they do on their desktop PC. Unfortunately,
            Trend  1:  A  personalized  online  shop  for  every   mobile  shopping  experiences  offered  by  businesses
            customer                                             are  often  falling  short  of  the  current  zeitgeist  of
                                                                 digitization.  For  this  reason,  online  retailers  should
            Personalization is becoming a must-have for any online   quickly start to customize  their  web sites user-friendly
            store for a good reason:  Customers no longer  want to   for  mobile  devices.  For  companies  that  have  already
            be  anonymous  in  connection  with  a  company.  They   overcome  this  hurdle  and  provide  mobile  shopping
            want  online  shops  that  respond  specifically  to  their   options,  it  is  important  to  combine  the  individual
            needs  and  pick  them  up  with  individual  content  on  a   channels  for  a  consistent,  seamless  shopping
            personal  and  emotional  level.  A  true  individualization,   experience.
            which equals the personal sales talk at the point of sale
            (POS),  can  be  implemented  through  intelligent,   Trend 3:  Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality
            disruptive  technologies.  Operational  Intelligence,  for   (VR)
            example,  enables  data-driven  and  fully  automated
            distribution  of  individual  content  and  a  personalized   Augmented  reality  (AR)  is  innovative  and  almost
            online  shop  structure  for  each  visitor.  On  the  basis  of   mainstream now, since this trend provides a solution to
            different data, which are situational in origin, a separate,   a  big  problem  in  e-commerce,  namely  trying  out  and
            individually relevant shop is created for each customer   trying on products. Where the in-store shopping had an
            by means of prescriptive analysis. There, products and   advantage,  online  commerce  is  now  keeping  up.
            content are placed and sorted in such a way that they   Through  innovative  applications,  the  customer  is  now

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