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             Dear Reader,

             It’s the time of the year again, when we feel the more the steady growth of the e-commerce market,
             which enables customers to overcome geographical barriers and allows them to purchase products
             anytime and from anywhere. Clearly, e-commerce brings convenience for customers, as they do not
             have to leave home and only need to browse websites online for buying products which are not sold in
             nearby shops.

             Considering that digitization was still smiled at a few years ago, two-thirds of retailers look at it today
             as an opportunity to thrive, aware of the fact that shop systems will be much more than just additional
             distribution channels in the future. You may rest assured that the boundaries between online, offline
             and mobile will continue to merge and the distribution channels no longer coexist but are used in
             combination the way consumers want them to. Hence, the cross-channel shopping experience is at the
             top of every merchant’s list when it comes to customer expectations, forcing them to respond to
             changes in user behavior and to start with innovative solutions for their online shop, besides getting
             into strategic partnerships. Otherwise, they can’t manage to pick up the customer at exactly the right
             touchpoint, to provide cross-channel products and prices, and to consider the overarching megatrends
             of e-commerce.

             Since your job requires to prepare for the raising consumer expectations that come hand in hand with
             better digital connectivity, I hope you enjoy this month’s articles on e-commerce in Asia that cover
             again many studies and reports on the topic. Placed strategically during the festive season, it should
             come at the right time to support you in your efforts to push sales figures up.

             Best wishes,

             Daniela La Marca
             Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing

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