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Recruitment: The use of social media for recruitment is tive role models in social media is a strong part of per-
becoming more widespread. Especially when looking sonal branding. To be original and different from others,
for a professional in marketing, communication, or hu- it is therefore good to know how others market them-
man resources, companies expect potential employees selves and create their own persona.
to be able to manage the social media channels and
logically look for them in social media. An easy way to Recognizing future trends: Trends come and go, and
find active and interested social media marketing ex- it is getting more and more difficult to make predictions.
perts is to follow their industry discussions e.g. on Twit- Following trends and looking for silent signals in blogs
ter or LinkedIn. should start in social media discussions, simply be-
cause people spend more of their time there. Topics
Personal branding: Personal branding is nowadays and products mentioned in Twitter, Facebook, or other
much more common than just a few years ago. Particu- social media channels by influential users, trendsetters
larly trainers for job seekers and social media experts or experts, are likely to be found in the shopping carts
recommend to market themselves to stand out from the and discussions of many other people. ◊
crowd. In addition to recognizing and highlighting one's
own strengths, networking and the follow-up of innova- By Daniela La Marca

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