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Social Media & Influencer Marketing


Why ‘Social Media pg 6 Website performance pg 8 ESET discovers new pg 10

Listening’ is good for expectations are high in Instagram credential
business South East Asia - on all stealers on Google Play
connected devices
Social media overtakes pg 13 Social media in upheaval pg 14 Advertisers in Vietnam pg 16

print in ad spend appraise social networks as
highly effective marketing

A significant number of pg 17 2016 ended as the worst pg 18 More people willing to pg 20

SMEs have not yet adopted year for phishing attacks in sharing personal data in
social media history – social media is return for rewards

Pressure is on to keep up pg 22

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Get the ball rolling for your pg 24 Email marketing and social pg 26 Livestreaming brings your pg 28
social media success media achieve more when campaigns to life
used in combination

With Influencer Marketing to pg 30 The main benefits of Social pg 32 Using social media pg 34
success - what really Media Marketing platforms for efficient
matters growth

Protect your brand by pg 36 Latest Social Media pg 38
monitoring social media Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat

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