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Why ‘Social Media Listening’ is good

for business

If it is used without prejudice, ‘Social Media Listening’ creation, and participation in social media discussions
can be used by companies to the benefit of business are integrated into the daily actions, in addition to the
development, sales support, or personnel and product cold calls. In future, businesses will most likely look for
development, to name a few. customers mainly on the social media channels and
forums, which is why it is important for the sales profes-
In addition to creating and sharing content on social me- sionals to be active in social media and to follow dis-
dia, it is always worthwhile to listen what’s going on be- cussions happening there.
fore starting your next social media campaign. The fol-
lowing social media usage tips might come in handy: Customer service: Customers give feedback almost in
real-time on social media, making listening an indispen-
Product development: When companies listen to cur- sable tool for customer service by allowing quick reac-
rent and potential customers, they can identify their tions to complaints and negative comments. Active
needs, problems and preferences, which makes social listening to customers clearly helps to recognize crises
media perfect to support the development of products and find solutions rapidly by talking to customers direct-
and services. We know that it does not always work out ly and clarifying any problems.
to ask people directly what they want, but social media
listening can at least bring the right ideas. On social me- Searching for partners: Where can you find guest
dia platforms, it is easy to see what customers think bloggers for the website, a partner agency for the up-
about product tests or new innovations. When compa- coming marketing campaign, or a dealer who can resell
nies observe the discussions around their competitors your new product? Well, social media can obviously be
and their products, the problems that have been dis- used to search for suitable partners, as usually the in-
cussed there could be avoided. dustry's most important experts are quickly highlighted
in discussions and customer comments. A company
Sales: Lately, there has been a lot of talking about so- that is active, interacts with customers, and strikes the
cial selling. Like marketing and communication, sales right tone is easier for users to contact than a vendor
get increasingly popular in the social media channels. In that cannot be found anywhere.
practice, this means that social media listening, content

6 March 2017 - Social Media & Influencer Marketing
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