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Marketing must be revised Social media is becoming more expensive

There have been several brands that got angry and de- On closer inspection, social media has never been free
leted their business profile, annoyed that money had of charge. Although the placement of a business profile
been invested in the set-up of a social media page and was for free, to create, maintain and fill it with life al-
fan base, and now the social network would tear down ways needs investment of time and personnel. Not to
the expensive bridge they build to the potential custom- mention that creative messages with good images are
ers. increasingly in demand and have a price tag, but com-
panies must get into the new rules of the game, since
All those that already spent a lot of money on the plat- social media marketing has become daily routine -
form and got 100,000 fans there struggled to leave such business as usual.
a successful performance platform. Especially, since the
company page is the basis for all other activities on so- And that’s why social media marketing is a topic that
cial media networks. should be addressed by marketers permanently.
Changes have been massive in the past years and the
At least, the current development is a good opportunity to networks and platforms do a lot to keep it that way. So,
clarify the basic principles and to question the objectives. try to keep up with social media marketing and stay
What leads are generated where? How strong is custom- informed. ◊
er loyalty or gain in reputation, etc.? By Daniela La Marca

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