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Social media in upheaval

For a long time, companies could draw attention to From the perspective of Facebook the step is under-
themselves with social media, but free media perfor- standable, since the social network isn’t a charitable
mance becomes a phase-out-model. Social media has society, but profit-oriented and listed on the stock ex-
left the "hype cycle" behind and became a common me- change. Money is primarily earned with advertising.
dia business as any other where companies want to However, Facebook is of course also committed to its
present themselves. But the question of how to do that users and wants to protect them against spam and bor-
is decisive, as people exchange information about the ing information.
companies and their products and services there, too.
The main problem lies in Facebook's success that at-
Not only because of the huge monthly number of users, tracts more and more people and companies that pro-
social networks are so popular with advertisers, but be- duce an unbelievable amount of content – in fact, too
cause vendors meet their target groups directly there, much content for the newsfeed of a single user. Even
can communicate with them, interact, and experience the links between users are increasing and content is
things for which any market research would devour shared that way more than ever, too. According to Fa-
enormous amounts. Some media services are even cebook, around 1,500 potential stories compete to be
available for free: For instance, a company profile page embedded with a single newsfeed call up. Hence,
could post content and messages as they liked, which many posts with little relevance are overwhelming us-
then automatically popped up in the newsfeed of the ers for quite some time already.
fans and got attention.
Facebook response has been to filter the competing
There's no such thing as a free lunch content meticulously. More than 100,000 indicators are
supposed to influence the ranking of a content. In fact,
But these contents are now reaching less and less fans. there is just as much secretiveness about the Face-
Facebook has changed its newsfeed algorithm and has book algorithm by now as about the legendary Google
drastically restricted the reach of corporate messages. algorithm.

14 March 2017 - Social Media & Influencer Marketing
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