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             Three guys walk into a bar…

            The opening line ‘ Three guys walk in to a bar…’     engineer extraordinary designs. More and more game
            has fueled the material of comedians from Lenny      technologies are solving problems to the challenges
            Bruce to Jerry Lewis. For a surfer, a gamer and an   we’re facing, because they are very good at what they
            engineer, it plays on our notions of stereotypes of   do.
            beach bums, computer nerds and analytical types
            and we are waiting for a punch line that ridicules at   Want to be a next-level engineer? Ask a gamer. Better
            least one if not all three.                          yet, pass the pizza and see for yourself.

            But, dig a little deeper and surfing is now a multi-billion-  So, what’s the fuss about gaming?
            dollar industry with its own YouTube channels and in-
            ternational holiday and gaming is undergoing a similar   If you’ve ever played games, you’ll know they vary, de-
            revolution.                                          pending on their purpose and their genre. What is
                                                                 needed to build Grand Prix 3 is entirely different to what
            Until recently, mainstream society relegated fans to the   Call of Duty requires. A game engine doesn’t know
            realm of geeks, nerds, and basement-dwelling dorks.   what style of game you might want to make, so it allows
            But, in the last few years, the strangest thing has hap-  coders and programmers to dig around the backend
            pened: gamers have suddenly become cool. That’s      and customize their designs.
            because the technology, once exclusive to their esoter-
            ic knowledge, has evolved and attracted the interest of   And if you’re still not happy with what you’ve been giv-
            diverse fields seeking better software solutions.    en to work with, the game engine allows you to go out
                                                                 and build it yourself. It’s the harder way (more
            Tools like game ‘engines’, virtual reality and augmented   knowledge, more time, more money), but it’s the only
            reality (+ pizza) are no longer an alternative to Friday   way to create truly bespoke solutions.
            night boredom; they’re seen as powerful platforms to

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