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         Nearly 90%  of respondents from iconic companies   "The leaders of iconic companies know that they also
         felt they were adept at managing customer experi-  have to be leaders in customer experience technology
         ence from an omnichannel perspective. This figure   investment," said Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO
         drops to 75% for all responses, and 66% amongst    and Publisher at MIT Technology Review. "But they
         the poor performance cohort.                       also know that over-reliance on technology in search
                                                            for efficiency gains can reduce, rather than increase,
                                                            the levels of customer intimacy required for success."
         Iconic companies take a much more active role in   Iconic firms, realizing the limitations of a technology-
         managing their ecosystem. They are more than       centric approach to maintaining desired customer man-
         twice as likely as average companies to require that   agement levels, place a high value on human capital
         their ecosystem partners adhere to their CX stand-  investment, and are keen to strike the right balance
         ards, and nearly three times more likely to have their   between human and automated customer channels”,
         customer experience systems integrated with part-  she concluded.

                                                            Overall, Getting to Iconic determines iconic companies
         That said, a third of iconic companies indicate that   are much more advanced in their deployment of lead-
         they do not actively share their customer insights   ing customer experience technologies, including the
         across their ecosystem, much higher than the aver-  use of emerging AI applications. They are also much
         age. Iconic companies recognize the competitive    more able to follow customers across all channels, and
         advantages of unique customer insight.             manage customer experience levels across their ex-
                                                            tended ecosystem.
         Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also a dif-
         ferentiator for iconic companies: 75% indicate it is   The full Getting to Iconic report is available and you
         one of the most important components of their brand   can download your copy here. ◊
         value, compared to 21%  among low-performing
         companies.                                                                           By MediaBUZZ

                                                 MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd - Independant ePublisher for Asia
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