SmaatoSecuritySmaato, an omnichannel digital ad-tech platform and ad server, recently announced their integration with cybersecurity company HUMAN, a cybersecurity company that protects enterprises from bot attacks to keep digital experiences human. Its ‘Human Verification Engine’ roots out fraud before it can impact the bottom line. In conjunction with Smaato’s own sophisticated automated systems, safety and security on the platform for publishers and marketers alike is guaranteed. The company’s digital ad-tech platform is a self-serve omnichannel monetization solution that offers publishers the ability to manage their entire ad stack in one place.

Smaato’s automated detection methods use advanced algorithms and machine learning to scan advertisements for quality. If bad ads or anything malicious is detected, automatic blocks take place. A multi-level check includes customer identification programs and stringent traffic reviews to provide advertisers with only the best traffic. In combination with HUMAN’s multi-layered detection methodology, ad environments from desktop to mobile web to OTT will be well protected against sophisticated bots on the Smaato platform.

“Smaato is the only OTT platform offering built-in SSAI (Server-side Ad Insertion), so there’s no need for a third-party solution,” says Umair Malik, Head of Programmatic Strategy at Smaato. “Our unique in-house solution greatly reduces the risk of fraud for an environment increasingly threatened by fraudulent activity.”

Expanding beyond its roots in mobile, Smaato launched their over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) platform this year, making it a natural fit for Verve Group’s ad platform, which provides solutions across mobile web, mobile in-app, desktop, digital out-of-home (DOOH), and connected TV (CTV). Smaato also brings its mobile and in-app expertise to Verve Group’s full-stack suite of products.

Verve Group, a privacy-first omnichannel ad platform, announced just a few weeks earlier the acquisition of Smaato through a subsidiary of its parent company Media and Games Invest SE (MGI), positioning Verve Group as one of the top global mobile ad exchanges, with a joint team of over 300 employees spread across 25 offices worldwide. Joining the Verve Group family will expand their platforms’ audience reach, with the addition of a substantial number of in-app publishers and advertisers, particularly in the fast-growing digital markets of APAC.

In addition, Smaato launched its data-compliant platform in China last year, adding to Verve Group’s capabilities in the region. Its product line for publishers includes OTT, CTV, video, mobile web, in-app, and native along with various integration methods via their SDK, API, ad tag, or Prebid, along with an ad server, and an ad exchange. Additionally, the company also caters to marketers with a customer data platform, consent management platform (CMP), a powerful data visualization product, and curated, brand-safe inventory packages for precision targeting.

The acquisition is yet another milestone for Verve Group as it grows its robust full-stack programmatic solutions for brands and publishers. The omnichannel ad platform has been steadily increasing its focus on privacy-first advertising solutions, having recently acquired the Beemray platform to grow its contextual targeting capabilities, and launching a pioneering targeting solution called ATOM (or Anonymized Targeting on Mobile), built exclusively for in-app advertisers and publishers to solve for the deprecation of ‘Identifier for Advertising (IDFA)’.

By MediaBUZZ