For online business networking is the place to be. Millions of members use the platform every day to do business and promote their career as it makes networking and professional contact management simple.

This can be seen by the exceptionally high levels of activity the platform enjoys. Members can meet and exchange views in over 40,000 specialist groups, while also getting together at networking events to share their contacts, skills and expertise. A XING network is defined by trust - it boosts members’ career prospects while acting as a recruiting portal for both companies looking to fill vacancies and qualified professionals interested in a new challenge.

“XING is continuing its growth course” said Stefan Gross-Selbeck, CEO at XING AG, who had at the end of the third quarter of last year 10.11 million members registered on its platform.

If you haven’t heard already, companies can now have their own online presence on the XING business network. More than a year ago XING started to offer its service, allowing corporate customers, associations and organizations to use XING Company Profiles to bolster their online presence with an individualized profile that enables them to engage customers and other interested individuals in dialogue within the XING network, and connect with over 10 million members.

Hubert Frach, Vice President Marketing, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, said: "Our own online presences on XING allow us to reach our customers where they already do their online networking” and is excited to be part of the business network.

The new Company Profiles are far more detailed than standard Yellow Pages entries. The benefits for companies and nonprofits are manifold, starting with customer acquisition through interactive communication with potential and existing customers via social media. Companies on XING can share information on product or service innovations allowing them, for example, to bolster customer engagement, which in turn can increase their brand recognition and help them attract better candidates and customers. The service can be combined in numerous ways with existing XING services such as advertising, Enterprise groups and Best Offers, too.

Over 100,000 companies are already on XING and the company’s expanded service offers companies the opportunity to supplement their existing XING profile with individual content, and present themselves in an active and innovative manner using Web 2.0. There are practically no limits to the possibilities of this new service. Bertelsmann can present itself as a desirable employer, sharing details about career opportunities with its community, while Lufthansa gives insights about the company to actively communicate with and engage customers.

Potential customers, interested individuals, or applicants can find information such as the company address and contacts, and also deeper statistics and an employee summary.

XING members can also subscribe to information posted on Company Profiles, allowing customers to set up individual communities with "followers", and communicate with them directly.

In addition to the free Company Profile version already offered, XING now features STANDARD and PLUS profiles, professional versions with an ever-increasing set of features, adapted to meet the needs and desires of their corporate users.

By Daniela La Marca