4vmwareVMware launched this week a range of new products, one of which is VMware NSX™, a Network Virtualization Platform that comes with a new network operational model that improves agility, advances data center economics and goes hand-in-hand with security measures.

"VMware is further empowering IT to help organizations become more agile, responsive and profitable," said Raghu Raghuram, executive vice president, Cloud Infrastructure and Management, VMware. "New products such as VMware NSX and VMware Virtual SAN will fundamentally redefine the hypervisor and its role in the data center. Along with the recently introduced VMware vCenter Log Insight, these products represent the next wave of innovation at VMware. We continue to evolve the software-defined data center architecture to address IT's critical needs - enabling them to build infrastructure that is radically simpler and more efficient while delivering the agility and flexibility to support the velocity of their businesses."

Enabling the future of the data center by extending the virtualization principles of abstraction, pooling and automation across all data center resources and services, the software-defined data center architecture can simplify and speed up the provisioning and management of computer, storage and networking resources through policy-driven automation.

VMware NSX – The Platform for Network Virtualization

VMware‘s brand new NSX network virtualization platform aims to deliver the entire networking and security model in software, decoupled from networking hardware. By virtualizing the network, VMware NSX delivers a new operational model for networking that breaks through current physical network barriers and will enable data center operators to achieve significantly better speed and agility, while reducing costs.

Like server virtualization, VMware's approach to network virtualization enables data center operators to treat their physical network as a pool of transport capacity that can be consumed and repurposed on-demand. Virtual networks are programmatically created, provisioned and managed, utilizing the underlying physical network for simple IP connectivity. VMware NSX brings together the best of Nicira NVP™ and VMware vCloud Network and Security™ into one unified platform, delivering the entire networking and security model (Layer 2 – Layer 7) in software. In addition, the VMware NSX virtual networks support existing applications, unchanged, on any physical network infrastructure.

Making use of the vCloud Suite

The vCloud Networking and Security feature already provided basic networking and security functionality for virtualized compute environments, built using the vCloud Suite. It includes a broad range of services delivered through virtual appliances, such as a virtual firewall, virtual private network (VPN), load balancing, NAT, DHCP and VXLAN-extended networks. With vCloud Networking and Security, enterprises can virtualize business critical applications with confidence, secure VMware View deployments and build secure and agile vCloud Suite based private clouds.

Similar to other distributed VMware vSphere services, VMware NSX is built upon a groundbreaking distributed architecture where the network services are integrated with the hypervisor kernel. This enables network services to scale out in concert with the hypervisor to meet the application's needs. Since VMware NSX delivers Layer 2 - Layer 7 services entirely via software, all that customers need to do to grow their infrastructure is add more server nodes. This architecture enables VMware NSX to handle as much as 1 TB per second of network traffic per cluster of 32 hosts.

VMware NSX will be available in Q4. The extensible platform leverages a distributed service framework for easy insertion of partner services. VMware NSX technology partners are organized into service categories that follow the network virtualization lifecycle and include network service gateways to bridge physical and virtual environments; network security platforms that provide multi-service network security including firewall and threat prevention; application delivery services including load balancing, application delivery and WAN optimization controllers; and security services including anti-virus, IDS/IPS and vulnerability management. 2013.

The other products which VM ware launched this week were VMware Virtual SAN – delivering simple and dynamic storage for virtual machines, VMware vCloud Suite 5.5 – cloud infrastructure and management suite, and VMware vSphere with Operations Management 5.5 – enabling optimization of virtual platform capacity.

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