HitachiHitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS) announced new enhancements to its Hitachi Visualization solution portfolio that comes now with Hitachi Visualization Predictive Crime Analytics (PCA) and Hitachi Video Management Platform (VMP) 2.0.

PCA is the first tool of its kind to use real-time social media and Internet data feeds together with unique, sophisticated analytics to gather intelligent insight and enhance public safety through the delivery of highly accurate crime predictions. Hitachi Visualization is part of the Hitachi Social Innovation solutions that support smart city programs, which has been specifically designed to advance public safety initiatives of cities and municipalities through the application of predictive, advanced analytics and improved access to video data.

“Public safety and the protection of private and commercial property are foundational to the development of smart cities and societies,” said Ruthbea Yesner Clarke, Director of Global Smart Cities research at IDC “Digital technologies, like those from Hitachi Data Systems, that provide real-time, aggregate and contextual data, support public safety initiatives that can transform how law enforcement and other first responder agencies locate, mitigate and prevent crimes, and ultimately make our cities safer places“, she concluded.

HDS explains that the greatest barriers to public safety are the lack of access to comprehensive live information, poor ability to extract insights from that information and limited tools to respond quickly when a situation develops. Hitachi Visualization Suite addresses these challenges by integrating data from video cameras, sensors and emergency dispatch to provide real-time situational awareness. It enables law enforcement and emergency personnel to effectively and efficiently extract insights from a broader range of data sources to ensure faster response times in emergency situations. Both Hitachi Visualization software and hardware systems are purpose-built to help public and private entities accelerate extraction of rich, actionable insights from all of their data sources. The solutions are part of Hitachi’s Social Innovation solutions portfolio that added most recently:

• a hybrid cloud-based platform that integrates disparate data and video assets from public safety systems such as computer-aided dispatch, license plate readers, gunshot sensors, and so on, in real time and presents them geospatially. HVS provides law enforcement with critical insight to improve intelligence, enhance investigative capabilities and increase operational efficiencies. Along with capturing real-time event data from sensors, HVS now offers the ability to provide geospatial visualizations for historical crime data in several forms, including heat maps. This feature is available in the Hitachi Visualization Predictive Crime Analytics (PCA) add-on module of the new Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS) 4.5 software release.

• blending real-time event data captured from public safety systems and sensors with historical and contextual crime data from record management systems, social media and other sources, PCA’s powerful spatial and temporal prediction algorithms help law enforcement and first responder teams assign threat levels. The algorithms can also be used to create threat level predictions to accurately forecast where crimes are likely to occur or if additional resources are needed. PCA is unique because it provides users with a better understanding of the underlying risk factors that generate or mitigate crime. It is the first predictive policing tool that uses natural language processing for topic intensity modeling using social media networks together with other public and private data feeds in real time to deliver highly accurate crime predictions.

• the new Video Management Platform (VMP), an appliance-based solution that offers rich data integration, management and visualization for video applications powered by VMware software. Using Hitachi-supported hardware and designed to deliver a set-it-and-forget-it user experience, VMP provides a turnkey, end-to-end video management solution that is both highly scalable and redundant, separating storage from compute to give users on-demand access to and rapid deployment of video assets. VMP supports every major video management software supplier to simplify storage and compute of all types of video data.

By MediaBUZZ