uimock designRappier’s new powerful cloud-based self-serve platform, Unliche, has been launched to help companies make smarter marketing budgeting decisions across channels by leveraging the power of measurement of success metrics for customer acquisition, retention and engagement for their digital properties. The Singapore headquartered marketing technology company has been focused in the past three years on building integrated technology solutions for the digital marketing arena.

The increasing amounts spent on digital advertising and online interactions has made it critical for marketers to determine how they should allocate spending, balance investments, and measure campaigns effectively. Fragmentation of digital media channels and increasing amounts of data on consumer interactions has further fueled the need for digital marketing attribution.

So far, performance agencies have remained largely focused on SEM, SEO, social, display and retargeting, but all that is now changing and today, a good digital marketing strategy has far more layers than ever before, and those layers require technology to be managed with any kind of efficiency.

The leading challenges CMOs are facing include customer acquisition and proving ROI of their marketing activities. With so many options of platforms for marketers to spend their marketing budget on, it's hard to know where to focus their efforts. That’s why Rappier is now launching its new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) marketing intelligence platform -- Unliche™ (pronounced 'Unleash').

By using Unliche, marketers can manage their customer acquisition campaigns, gain intelligence on web and in-app user behavior and access advanced analytics -- all from one platform. They can utilize this information to improve their marketing campaign effectiveness by attributing conversions to the right sources. The user behavior can also help mobile app developers to improve the app experience and deploy customized engagement methods to improve app retention and lifetime value.

Unliche allows marketers to:

  • See which digital channels are most effective in driving customer acquisition
  • Optimize campaigns based on performance across different channels
  • Manage ad spending across fragmented media channels


Ramesh Nistala, CEO of Rappier, puts it that way, "For online marketers, tracking ad spend and conversions is the digital equivalent of a car driver's eyes and ears. Smart Data is the 'renewable energy equivalent of fuel' for any digital strategy across industry verticals. It is key for businesses to use marketing intelligence effectively to understand what is working and what isn't."

Specially for new mobile apps looking to scale up customer acquisition, identify the right marketing channels and optimize ad-spend, Unliche is an essential tool to help balance their marketing efforts. Marketers can also get ready access to a deep and extensive integrated partner network to kickstart their mobile marketing journey.

Talking about the recent data concerns, Rappier’s CEO clarifies that "At Unliche, we take data security very seriously and use the best-in-class infrastructure to ensure highest level of security. All communication is SSL encrypted and web sessions are token authenticated with cross domain access protection to ensure that each user session is unique and therefore, protected."

By MediaBUZZ