gartnerlogo1Gartner published just recently its new outlook "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies”, in which it states that the expectations of Big Data will shift in the near future to a more realistic view. In five to ten years, the firm believes, big data will then reach the "Plateau of Productivity" and let’s see if by then security issues are better mastered as well.

Regarding gamification and 3D printing, Gartner comes to a similar conclusion, while “The Internet of Things” didn’t arrive at the peak of the hype yet and should actually only get important in around ten years’ time. However, the topic “content analytics” has almost left the big hype already and the same applies to in-memory database management systems, states Gartner.
Even the hype around Augmented Reality (AR) noticeably flattened and it is expected that it will reach a productive stage the earliest in five years. But NFC is expected to be market-ready much faster, although the prospect has significantly cooled down.

Even Cloud Computing will reach the "Plateau of Productivity" quickly and In-Memory Analytics have virtually almost already gotten there. Predictive Analytics are already considered as common sense by Gartner experts.  

Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2013


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