marketingAThe competition in the markets is getting tougher. In the long run only those who constantly win new prospects will make it. However, a personal approach and support of individual prospects and customers is hardly possible due to more and more complex sales processes and limited resources.

What you need is a methodology to connect with people who are interested in your products and services on a regular basis. Always with the aim to pick up possible new customers through constant support and processing exactly when there is a demand for the offered products or services. That way it's easy to gain fresh leads and new customers without much manual effort!

Marketing Automation is the solution, since it is a technology that enables organizations to unify, automate and measure marketing and sales workflows to increase operational efficiency and increase revenue growth. It’s an integrated approach to generate, maintain and convert leads to customers by automating various marketing techniques and sales processes in order to optimize the marketing distribution chain.

In addition to automation-related benefits, such as time savings and efficiency, marketing automation enables modern business processes that are critical to any modern marketing department, such as lead maintenance, lead evaluation and lead lifecycle management. However, cross-selling, cross- and up-selling campaigns, additional sales, as well as loyalty and discount campaigns, are the focus of sales-oriented companies, too. The ROI analysis also plays an important role: an increasing number of companies are using marketing automation to demonstrate the marketing measures for the distribution chain and for the derivation of accompanying sales measures. All companies have one thing in common, namely achieving higher sales and faster growth.

If you want to be successful in digital marketing, you must know when an offer is relevant to a target group and reach potential prospects across all digital channels. Marketing automation stands for more than the automatic generation and sending of emails. Rather, it is an excellent tool for lead generation and customer acquisition that provides marketing and sales with new and diverse opportunities for customer engagement and retention.

It's about getting in touch with clients on a personal level, in different ways, at the right time and on all channels. Targeted marketing automation eliminates manual processes, saves time, and frees up resources through the automated execution of direct marketing campaigns. It helps you personalize communication with your customers and sends messages more effectively, helping you to better target sales and measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities - from initial engagement, to interaction and completion.

Basically, any company can improve and optimize their marketing through automation. Although, it is true that early users of marketing automation were mainly B2B and industries such as high tech, software, IT, manufacturing or professional services. However, marketing automation is now increasingly used by consumer-related industries (B2C), such as healthcare, financial services, media and entertainment, and retail due to its relationship-oriented, real-time approach to maintaining and expanding customer relationships. It is becoming increasingly important to businesses of all types, since the conditions for investing in digital marketing are more than favorable.

Hence, strive to grow your sales pipeline faster with marketing automation and see how easy it is by now to implement automated marketing campaigns to drive revenue and maximize efficiency.

By Daniela La Marca