businessFor online retailers, it’s no longer a simple case of bricks vs. clicks anymore. Spoilt for choice these days, consumers are far less loyal to brands and are more likely to try new products. With online retailers facing increasing competition, how can they build brand loyalty and retain customers in today’s marketplace?

In partnership with YouGov, Adobe released a new commerce report which found that there is an increasing importance for online retailers to focus on developing seamless, enriching customer experience strategies to engage modern customers. 39% of those surveyed said it’s important for websites to work well on smartphones, while 23% stated the provision of a dedicated app as an important aspect to their shopping experience with a brand.

The report also highlighted that APAC customers are willing to embrace new technologies like automation and artificial intelligence. And with climate change dominating national conversations, unsurprisingly, consumers are searching for brands with the green factor. 34% of customers in APAC are more receptive to retailers who minimise their use of packaging while almost a third are more receptive to retailers who are donating towards environmental causes.

The research surveyed over 7,000 respondents from various markets in the JAPAC region including Australia, China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, providing online retailers with key insights around the purchasing preferences of modern-day customers. Titled ‘Listen: A Magento Meaningful Series’, the report underpins the ever-increasing importance of customer experiences for brands looking to stay ahead in the hyper competitive online retail space.

“As customers in APAC expect more personalized engagements, brands need to craft strategies with customer experience at the heart. There is a growing need to focus on multi-channel, focused engagement opportunities which cater to the customers’ need for seamless and exceptional experiences across the board”, Nicholas Kontopoulos, Head of APAC Commerce Marketing, Adobe explained, adding: “There is also a requirement for online retailers to demonstrate clear brand utility for customers in return for their information, create more engagement and engender closer, more meaningful and lasting relationships with customers.”

Other key findings include:

  • 60% responded positively to the prospect of AI being used to increase sales and profits by online retailers, if that use resulted in a better customer experience;
  • 20% were receptive to getting automated product suggestions based on their purchase history, however, this comes with the expectation of privacy as 50% say it’s important that brands safeguard their data;
  • 44% said it’s important for retailers to be transparent about where their products are sourced and almost a quarter of customers surveyed prefer shopping online as they consider it to be less taxing on the environment. In general, more and more customers are exhibiting receptivity towards purchasing from environmentally friendly retailers;
  • 34% of customers in APAC are more receptive to retailers who minimize their use of packaging while almost a third are more receptive to retailers who are donating towards environmental causes.
  • 28% of customers surveyed said they would be less likely to purchase from an online retailer if they were sent to unrelated marketing communications;
  • 25% would avoid purchase if cash on delivery is not offered;
  • 39% said they will avoid shopping with an online retailer if their credit card didn’t get accepted,
  • 20% of APAC customers likely to abandon a purchase at checkout if they discovered that free returns are not being offered.


For more insights on how online retailers can deliver exceptional customer experiences, see the full report here.

By MediaBUZZ