whatProviding content on the Internet free of charge is made possible by advertising. However, not targeted or obtrusive advertising endangers the proper functioning of this model. Rather, it favors the massive use of adblockers.

Programmatic provides solutions to this problem by enabling advertisers to target product or service interested users more accurately. All this happens under scrutiny of repeats and regardless of inventory. In other words, the added value of each link in the chain - from the Internet user to the editor and the advertiser - cannot be denied. However, further efforts are needed in practice to achieve an intelligent and less intrusive digital and smart advertising ecosystem. The reason for this is the lack of high-performance, standardized targeting algorithms that result in attribution models that favor advertising on users that are convinced already.

The "programmable advertising" approach tackles these blocking issues by addressing the very principles of the advertising theory, namely managing the advertising pressure, but above all managing the affinity between a message and the person it is meant for. The goal is to give digital advertising back its supportive role that it always should have.

It is nowadays simply our job to use big data technologies to capture the impact of an advertising campaign and its capacity to generate the incremental value of a brand, using robust, descriptive and scientific models such as the permanent AB test. This information is then injected into predictive models to allow purchase algorithms to make correct decisions tens of thousands of times per second. Creating value for the brand, the internet user and the editor.


By MediaBUZZ