native advertisingThe discussion about the optimal advertising space is becoming more and more intense. One thing is certain: one-sided relationships between advertisers and publishers are no longer sustainable - full transparency, quality and efficiency are the norm.

Native Programmatic Advertising: From Strategic Partnerships and Effective Monetization

Advertisers and brands are already reaching the limits of the target groups in the Walled Gardens of Google and Co. and are looking for successively larger reaches in premium web environments. As a result, brands, agencies and marketers are increasingly focusing on programmatic solutions that give them access to a wide range of publishers while at the same time addressing their target groups individually.

Meanwhile, native programmatic offers publishers the opportunity to maximize their monetization potential, as advertisers have low access barriers to premium space, thanks to unified media buying.

To ensure a smooth and secure process, brand safety mechanisms must be implemented for publishers and advertisers. This is where the Adtech providers come into play. You need to build long-term, exclusive and strategic partnerships that focus on quality.

Artificial intelligence allows for increasing personalization of websites

In the future, online content will no longer be optimized only for devices, but will also adapt to the individual interests of users. Already today, tools such as link pulses based on automated performance evaluation can provide recommendations for content placement. In the coming years, the technology will evolve a step further and will, by default, create individualized start pages from stored video, text and ad building blocks, which will be adapted and played based on audience data.

Self-learning algorithms are central to this, using individual’s data, like the location, the device or the time, to personalize websites with content. For the automated construction of websites, the digital environment will also have enormous relevance: users who access publisher websites via social networks will tend to be offered video-optimized and entertaining content.

Organic traffic is also served with textual content. The use of artificial intelligence offers advertisers a unique opportunity to exploit the growing flood of information for the data-driven, strategic delivery of their content. At the same time, publishers benefit from providing more relevant content to their readers and should consider native advertising as branded content. It's up to publishers to address development and create an environment that is brand-safe, non-invasive, and above all, transparent. It’s their job to build relationships and create an ecosystem that adds value to all parties. In a nutshell, native advertising can be looked at as a bridge builder between advertiser, brand and publisher.