appflyerAppsFlyer, a global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics, released its 2019 App Market Insights report which examines the Tet holiday season in Vietnam, providing marketers comprehensive insights to optimize their campaign strategies over the festive period. The report analyzed 200 million app installs over a 2-months period in 2018 and 2019, tracking metrics such as app opens, number of purchases, as well as installs with cost data.

Key insights from AppsFlyer’s App Market Insights include:

  • Longer lead-up period: Consumers are shopping more than ever as the average number of purchases per app two weeks before Tet were 216.07 - the highest of the season.
  • Non-organic shopping app installs still dominate: Last year, non-organic installs made up 70-80% of all shopping app installs in the period leading up to Tet, with several shopping apps in particular expanding quite aggressively. This season, non-organic installs were slightly less dominant in the shopping space, but still comprised a majority of all installs for the nine weeks of the Tet study.
  • iOS continues to reign supreme in user retention: Android devices register more non-organic installs and continue to dominate the mobile ads market. But this could present opportunities for apps to shift more spending towards iOS users, who offer higher retention, particularly in gaming (where only 19% of non-organic installs are on iOS devices). iOS gamers are more than twice as loyal as their Android counterparts, posting a 2.6% retention after 30 days, versus only 1.1% for Android.
  • Post-Tet is the busy time for gaming apps: in-app spending for gaming sinks to seasonal lows during the week of Tet, as well as the weeks leading up to it, with consumers focusing on family reunions and new household purchases and gifts. However, gaming installs and purchases pick up significantly in the post-holiday season.
  • Lower media costs drive non-organic downloads post-Tet: Tet itself is marked by a dramatic slowdown in installs and purchases. App marketers could experiment with kicking off post-holiday campaigns a few days earlier to take advantage of lower media costs from the brief advertising lull.

“Mobile app shopping has grown exponentially during the Tet holidays and has presented app marketers with an incredible opportunity to tap into the country’s shifting demographics and increasingly tech savvy population to strengthen brand exposure and drive user engagement.” said Beverly Chen, Marketing Director, APAC, at AppsFlyer. “A swelling economy driven by mobile consumption also means that it is imperative for app marketers to invest in the right measurement tools and equip themselves with the granular insights needed to optimize ad spend and scale their businesses.” (Source: AppsFlyer)

By MediaBUZZ