1activivaActivia has been crowned the most successful brand in social video last year by Unruly and working with Shakira definitely helped. Samsung and Nike are among the Top 3 as well, anounced the social video service Unruly. The rankings of Unruly are based on the number of sharings on Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

The Activia video “La La La (Brazil 2014)” topped all with 5.8 million shares worldwide and pushed last year's winner Samsung with 4.3 million shares in second place, behind the sportswear manufacturer Nike (3.8 million). What helped the Top 3 apparently was the hype surrounding the football World Cup, since the companies advertised in that environment.

Nicolas Frerejean, Global Marketing Director at Activia, said: “We are delighted to receive the award for the Most Shared Brand of 2014.” “The video produced with Shakira in support of the World Food Program has received an incredible response online, and it is amazing to see the campaign at the top of the charts as the most shared branded video of all time!” “Achieving this is also important in our approach of brand advertising, as viral or social videos have the ability to create a strong level of viewer engagement, and an active endorsement, which is a great measure of success”, he concluded.

Of all things, the official main sponsor of the World Cup got the short end of the stick. Although Nike was doing much better, Adidas could at least gain 17 places and make it with 2.9 million shares into the Top 10 (# 8). Nike once again outperformed its archrival with “The Last Game” (2,151,809 shares) and “Winner Stays” (1,432,957 shares) the second and third most popular ads created around the sporting spectacle.

In the top 10 list are as well - in order of placement - Coca-Cola, NBA, Budweiser, Go Pro, Pepsi and Electronic Arts.

Interestingly, not a single car manufacturer made it into the ten most shared videos, which may be because the online video shares during the Super Bowl 2014 slumped by nearly a third. At least, Volkswagen, for example, ended up in the 15th place with its video for safe driving.

By MediaBUZZ