RakutenSQREEMRakuten SQREEM Inc., the joint venture between Singapore-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions Company SQREEM Technologies and global leader in internet services Rakuten Group, Inc., announced the launch of a new advertising product that offers deeper insights and significantly more targeted media buying.

The new “RMP - SQREEM Ads” combine the behavioral pattern analysis data based on more than 100 million Rakuten members in Japan with SQREEM’s AI behavioral pattern analysis capabilities to provide insights that will enable advertisers to understand at an anonymized individual level what products and services consumers want to buy. With the learnings from this collaboration, SQREEM is now able to help companies understand their behavioral pattern analysis data accumulated by them at scale and speed.

SQREEM can enrich data on platforms and analyze it within a week, all without ever accessing data that sits behind clients’ secure firewall. This allows companies to monetize the valuable pool of first-party data they may have but cannot use meaningfully. “RMP - SQREEM Ads” will leverage the behavioral pattern analysis data, based on Rakuten members and SQREEM’s AI technology, that provide insights into consumer intent and reliable predictive indicators of purchase for advertising within a privacy-safe ecosystem.

“SQREEM’s technology can help companies by providing and powering targeting and insights for their vendors, partners, and clients,” said Ian Chapman-Banks, CEO and co-founder of SQREEM Technologies. “Our AI technology has already produced very successful results for dozens of multinational clients, from large pharmaceuticals to some of the largest banks globally, where we’ve enriched their data to generate important insights that help optimize their marketing and sales funnel strategy for business growth and significantly better conversions. From identifying the target audience to predicting higher purchase intents, having a strategy to maximize the value of companies’ data will help businesses take advantage of significant opportunities and deliver business success.”

SQREEM is the largest "behavioral pattern data aggregator" that collects, analyzes, and creates a database of open data on the Internet using its own AI technology. Based on this technology, the company provide data analysis and programmatic targeting services. Just this year, the company launched ONE Market, the world’s first AI-enabled media exchange that brings all SQREEM’s tech stack layers together, delivering an optimized end-to-end solution that seamlessly connects the right audience with the right digital destination, when and where behaviors take place.

With the successful merging of the behavioral pattern analysis data based on Rakuten members into SQREEM’s own open behavioral datasets, Rakuten SQREEM can now analyze enriched data. And with “RMP - SQREEM Ads”, Rakuten Group's clients can now leverage SQREEM’s AI technology and database to gain insights on which people want to buy their products. This will consequently allow for granular targeting at scale.

“This is the first of a suite of products we’re planning to launch,” said Ryugen Shimizu, CEO and President of Rakuten SQREEM, Inc. “We’re very excited to see this 12-month project come to fruition and help our clients in Japan create impactful, relevant touchpoints with consumers.”

By MediaBUZZ