NielsenIDCNielsen announced the global launch of Nielsen Market Lift, which is focused on helping marketers maximise their return on investment and move with velocity. The cloud-based campaign measurement tool unlocks the ability to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing campaigns on both a large national scale as well as on small scale test and learn advertisements.  

Lana Busignani, Nielsen Executive Vice President, International Planning & Outcomes said, "As digitization and technology continues to accelerate, there is an expectation from executives for marketers to be accountable for the investments they are making and have the ability to deliver hard evidence, in-market, of business outcomes."

"Advertisers must deliver outcomes, publishers want to prove the value of their platform and agencies are asked to deliver results. The need for ROI outcomes is exponentially increasing and Nielsen has the unique data assets and analytics to help our clients quantify effectiveness," Busignani added.

Nielsen Market Lift is part of Nielsen's mission to deliver outcome measurement around the world so marketers can maximise their ROI, move with velocity and be budget friendly. With Nielsen's actionable and comprehensive metrics, media buyers and sellers can evaluate ad performance and make smarter decisions. Thus, marketers can now quickly answer day-to-day questions on their targeted campaign initiatives and make informed decisions on their strategic rollouts, since it brings together Nielsen's trusted analytics powered by automated and scalable cloud-based modelling. It can quickly deliver results across a range of tactics including markets, categories, media types and channels.

Jacob Goethals, Nielsen Market Lift Product Strategy Lead added, "Nielsen Market Lift offers speed, quality, automation and global reach. Nielsen has an unmatched global footprint that measures sales lift across media channels around the world. No two markets are the same, and our global experience enables marketers to optimize their advertising spend strategically.”

"Nielsen Market Lift is engineered to bring agility and flexibility to users with a data agnostic design that allows users to leverage Nielsen's trove of syndicated data in FMCG or for clients to use their own data to measure across verticals with the same trusted methodology," concluded Goethals.

Nielsen Market Lift will be available in 37 markets around the world spanning Asia, Europe, Latin and North America, enabling marketers around the world the power to rapidly provide the impact of their investments, with greater coverage across campaign size and geography. (Source: Nielsen)

By MediaBUZZ