etailListening to a wide range of eCommerce experts at eTail Asia 2015 in the past two days, I would like to summarize for all marketers that could not join the tips and advice I heard repeatedly in presentations of the speakers:

Design social media marketing as personal as possible

Individuality and the personal conversation with customers are the criteria for success in social media marketing. Campaigns should be as unique and easy to understand as possible - good videos or photos should be used in them, since they can be easily shared online, too.

It is important to analyze and understand multi-screen behavior

Customers stay informed via different channels and devices, hence, marketers are well advised to detect exactly which activities happen where, since it’s the only way to find out which channel delivers the best conversion rates. A meaningful analysis should therefore investigate for instance, how many users clicked on a display with a smartphone, but have then bought the product later on the laptop. Assistance for such analyzes can usually be found at the social media platforms themselves, which in turn helps to create ads accordingly.

Marketers must be data analyst and storyteller at the same time

Marketing automation and the ability to send personalized messages is forcing marketers to tell their customers the stories they are “really” interested in. However, knowing what these stories look like, and through which channels customers want to hear them, requires a detailed analysis of existing customer data. Marketing departments today do not only need good content, but also big data specialists who tell them, for whom specific content is appropriate and for which channel they need to be adjusted.

Transparency is important when collecting customer data

The phenomenon of "Big Data" will encourage marketers to adjust their communication more and more according to individual customer behavior, so that eventually customers will see the benefits of such as targeted approach - with offers that interest, instead of newsletters that are landing unread in the trash. Besides, companies are well advised to communicate transparently what data they collect and to give customers the additional option of selecting frequency, topics and channel of dialogue on their own.

Video marketing is the content marketing of the future

The success of Snapchat, Pinterest or Instagram shows the influence of images - and video marketing will be the next big thing. A well-made video captivates audiences and leads to the fact that the potential customer sits back relaxed and listens, while it provides the marketers exactly the arguments that take the viewer to purchase a particular product. That way, not the customer has to gather information about the product, but gets them delivered directly in a catchy way. Not to mention that if videos are integrated on your own website it is good for you in terms of SEO, too.

Again, Worldwide Business Research (WBR) proved to be a top-notch event organizer. So join eTail Asia next year when eCommerce experts from the region meet again to discuss what is driving their industry, be it mobile or omnichannel marketing, customer experience, social media or video marketing. eTail Asia is the event to go to if you want to stay tuned to trends and innovation that help you achieve consistent growth and drive conversions.

By MediaBUZZ