is an inference engine for the retail industry that gives, with its AI retail teams across the globe, access to a central brain that extracts critical data from products and customer behavior.

Retail teams can automate key functions and deliver personalized experiences to each shopper, increasing ROI on every function in the organization, by pulling the power of AI in the hands of every team member across merchandising, buying, styling, cataloging, marketing and more.

Make AI a part of your retail DNA

Indeed, can help create amazing, meaningful and personal interactions with customers: the platform intuitively connects every step of your customer’s journey by giving you an easy and efficient way to improve the cognitive functions of your systems across product digitization, merchandizing and decision making across your workflows. In other words: your retail teams can leave the mundane tasks to AI and automation, and focus on building world-class brands, save time and money, increase brand loyalty and strengthen relationships with your customers.

By incorporating’s products into your networks, you have a ‘360 Vue' across all different departments and functions, since the platform automates:

  • Catalog Management: extracts product data using image recognition and attributes products in detail, besides merging inventory data with user behavior to plan, manage and forecast inventory.
  • Visual Merchandising: feeds data across channels to showcase the right product, with the right styling at the right place, to the right cohort of users.
  • Customer Journey Personalization: integrates user behavior data to product data and personalizes across channels and feeds all the information to all decision makers.

Using Image Recognition and Data Science, extracts catalog data, analyzes it with user behavior and helps your marketing, product and cataloging teams get actionable insights that improve customer experiences, drive conversions and reduce costs. brings the following benefits:

  • Go to market faster than ever before: a marketplace powered by’s catalog management solution reduced product-to-site time by 58% by automating product content creation.
  • Simplify, enrich and automate tasks for teams: a retailer using's catalog management saved 30 hours per employee per week by automating product attribute creation.
  • Save money on operational costs: a marketplace saved 16% of cost of listing products by automating catalog management and visual merchandising on its site.
  • Convert shoppers into buyers: A leading denim brand using's AI stylist recommendations increased revenue per visitor by 4%.
  • Increase revenue per channel:'s personalized recommendations resulted in 4.5x ROI on web.
  • Get actionable insights when and where wanted: Retailer's buying team can better align supply to customer demand.

To answer the question, if will become the retail industry’s favorite toy, I’d say “I think so”. For more information on the interesting platform, please go to

By Daniela La Marca