indiIndi, the digital word of mouth engagement and monetization platform, has been selected by Jakarta-based online marketplace Tokopedia to enhance customer engagement and user experience.

The Tokopedia platform enables individuals as well as small and midsize businesses to open and maintain online stores easily and for free, while providing a better and safer online shopping experience to customers. To date, Tokopedia has received over $1 billion in funding from investors including Alibaba.

Tokopedia had been utilizing a mix of social media and other owned assets to run limited engagement campaigns. However, the company was encountering hindrances now inherent to social media that increase expenses and reduce effectiveness. Limitations on intermediated social media made it difficult to moderate content in real time and appropriate that content for remarketing purposes. Influencer marketing posed challenges as well, due to a lack of transparency and inability to directly correlate sales performance.

Indi powers direct, disintermediated influencer and customer engagement through a native, embedded integration in the Tokopedia app. This approach provides visitors with a seamless experience within its ecosystem, while saving Tokopedia the time and expense of creating its own application. Tokopedia will have control and ownership of the content, data and engagement generated through this system, while benefitting from extended organic reach via incentivized and trackable content sharing to all social networks.

“Tokopedia is the #1 e-commerce marketplace in Indonesia, and we look forward to working with them to showcase how Indi can enable brands to engage with their customers, fans and followers for more meaningful and valuable relationships,” said Indi CEO Neel Grover.

Tokopedia was attracted to Indi as the only company offering an embeddable, end-to-end solution for content generation, engagement and advocacy. The company will start with customer reviews and unboxing videos, then continue customer engagement and content acquisition through challenges and customer brand ambassador programs.

Along with video and photo content that can be immediately placed on any product display pages to generate significant lift in conversions, Tokopedia also anticipates having access to a wealth of data and information on what types of content perform best with its target audience, while increasing time on-site.

The Indi platform empowers seamless, performance-based engagement between brands, celebrities, athletes, influencers, customers, employees, followers and fans with high-converting, authentic, shoppable content. Key outcomes include dramatically extended reach and ownership of these engagements along with new revenue, income and reward opportunities. (Source: Indi)

By MediaBUZZ