accuweatherAccuWeather's new AI weather assistant is a great example to demonstrate how data, new technologies, and social media can create an optimized customer experience.

The global leader in weather information and digital media just announced the launch of AccuWeather for Facebook Messenger. The AI-powered weather assistant handles plain-language questions from users and provides easy weather answers and localized forecasts. If you want to find out which jacket to wear or whether to bring sunscreen, the bot help accessing accurate, personalized, weather forecasting information that help to plan the day a bit better. It provides a one-of-a-kind experience, conversing with users in natural language (English) about forecasts worldwide or other weather-related questions.

When users ask the AccuWeather for Messenger if an umbrella, sunglasses, or a jacket is needed today, the app will make appropriate recommendations based on their forecast. The bot also helps users quickly find the current conditions and forecasts for their exact location, and millions of other locations worldwide.

The bot for Messenger also provides exclusive and proprietary weather forecasts such as RealFeel Temperature, and AccuWeather's MinuteCast, a minute-by-minute precipitation forecast for the next two hours.

"We are very pleased to introduce AccuWeather for Messenger to our audience as a new, natural language way to easily find the weather information they need," Steven Smith, President of Digital Media for AccuWeather said. "A large part of our internet audience is on Facebook every day, looking to discuss weather, share their weather, and stay informed with the best forecasts available anywhere. Messenger is a great platform for expanding the conversation in a way that's highly personalized and feels completely natural for users."

Available 24x7 on Messenger, the AccuWeather bot is ready to engage users around frequently asked questions and weather forecasts for locations worldwide.  You can interact with AccuWeather for Messenger by visiting and use Messenger to ask for your local forecast or other weather information.