arvrNamics, a leading full-service digital agency from Switzerland, developed new services for SMBs that combine both the Adobe products of the Experience Cloud and their own services.

Fully aware that the steady optimization of digital customer experiences guarantees survival in today’s international competition, triggered Namics to offer cost-effective and adaptable all-in-one packages for SMEs that include not only the product, but also services ranging from strategic consulting, creative design, technical implementation and maintenance.

Taking the current digital requirements of medium-sized companies into account, such as customer orientation, new product and customer complexity, employee development as well as data management and personalization, guided the bundling of the offers that at the same time still adapt to the individual needs of the client. In fact, the focus on the specific requirements and the long-term experience of both Namics and Adobe possible made the speedy introduction of the product possible.

Apparently, more and more companies are revising customers’ digital experiences at all contact points in order to promote brand loyalty and maintain a good customer relationship. Hence, Adobe Experience Cloud is a valuable tool. It enables the use of integrated solutions that allow companies to provide the required quality and ensure ease of use - from unified, global websites to central workflow solutions in the content area, campaign management for the sales support to the point of the coordination of advertising measures, the evaluation of data and the creation of customer profiles.

Through the efficient bundles and the comprehensive Adobe knowledge and certifications, Namics manages to provide a fast-to-use, all-in-one solution. By investing in the Adobe Experience Cloud, companies are also laying the foundations for further development of long-term strategic goals that place the user and his customer experience at the center of all marketing activities. In the end, not only the quality of the product counts, but the affinity of the buyer as well, which is nowadays mainly about the experience he has with the company.

Innovations around VR and AR in advertising, store analytics, and other inspiring approaches that help improve customer experience have been actually the focus at Adobe for quite some time, as Adobe Sensei proves. It’s Adobe’s central framework for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, that provides access to an immense collection of files and data to support the Customer Experience.

Properly implemented, VR can be personalized and immersive without seeming to be unnatural, since techniques from Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud unite for real-time advertising in VR environments. Apart from the fact that thanks to Adobe Sensei deep learning opportunities are available, the analysis and advertising features of the Adobe Experience Cloud can identify in what the user is currently interested in and directly access the appropriate content in the Creative Cloud.

I am curious to see how this campaign is evolving, but Namics and Adobe are clearly pushing their partnership to the next level by trying to deliver a streamlined, consistent and high-quality digital experience with a focus on the end users, besides helping organizations maximize the core role of digital change.

By Daniela La Marca